10 Filmmakers to Follow on YouTube (Updated)

1. Peter McKinnon – A Photographer by trade, McKinnon’s weekly Vlog deep dives into gear, technique, and does it with a wealth of knowledge. Peter’s style and hip presentation, earned him over a million subscribers in his first 9 months on YouTube.  And his content is light hearted, informative, and stunningly visual.


2. Matt Haapoja. Matt works with McKinnon in the same office in Toronto, and much of McKinnon’s B roll, when he’s on camera, is shot by Haapoja. But he’s a great YouTube in his own right as well.


3. Ryan Connolly/Film RiotRyan Connolly and Film Riot have been doing how to videos and Q&As since Connolly went to Full Sail university and learned the craft. He’s covered everything from how to make a music video to building your own gear, to how to do special effects. And along the way, you’ll laugh your ass off thanks to his talented family who joins in for funny skits.


4. D4 Darious – Darious Britt loves to make films and he does it as a one man crew. A fresh young voice in the game, Darious offers clever tips and tricks and does it both informatively and entertainingly. Oh and he likes to use action figures.


5.  Tom Antos – Speaking of journeymen filmmakers, Tom Antos is one of the top. Having worked as a cinematographer for over decade, Tom is a real gear head.


6. DSLR Video Shooter – If you’re into gear, and corporate style video, DSLR Video Shooter’s Caleb Pike is your guy. He does a lot of reviews, DIY stuff, and tips and tricks. A good journeyman videomaker who shares from experience.


7. Griffin Hammond – I first came across Griffin when he took over Indy Mogul from Eric Beck. He taught me a lot about not only making a documentary film and building my own gear on a budget, but also how to raise funds and what to do after you lose that ideal gig. He also shares files and templates. And if you haven’t seen his Sriracha Documentary, you’re missing out.


8. PremiereGal – A self described “Shreditor” (shooter/editor/producer), Premiere Gal Kelsey Brannan gives tips and tricks on how to edit using Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly Premiere (thus the name). Not only is her voice valuable for teaching us the ins and outs of Premiere, but as a female filmmaker, she has a unique and valuable perspective.


9. Indy Mogul – Started by filmmaker Eric Beck, Indy Mogul is mostly known for their series Backyard FX, where they made props, costumes and filmmaking gear on a tight budget. It was unique for it’s time and it turned many a young filmmaker into a film-maker before being a Maker was mainstream. Beck left Indy Mogul to pursue a film career with his partner Justin Johnson, leaving the channel in the capable hands of Griffin Hammond. YouTube, the owner of Indy Mogul, eventually killed the channel, but a few years later, things came full circle and Beck and Johnson took Indy Mogul back and started making new episodes.

I grew up on Indy Mogul. I owe so much of what I know to Justin and Erick, who opened up the process of filmmaking and made it a little less of a mystery. – Ted Sim

But then they disappeared again, presumably getting busy with main Hollywood projects. That’s where Ted Sim, the president of Apurture Lighting comes in. Sim has taken over IndyMogul, and has been traveling the country doing videos with filmmakers about how to do what they do. Oh, and I hear Sim has a partner … Griffin Hammond! That’s right, the pendulum swings once again, and Hammond is back doing a show for the channel called “Cheap Thing vs. Expensive Thing.” And it’s exactly what you think it is.


So Indy Mogul is back … again! Give it a follow. https://www.youtube.com/user/indymogul

10. Andreas Hem – Andreas Helm os a filmmaker from Norway, and he makes interesting stuff on YouTube that is just out of the box. Exciting, visually compelling, and fun to watch as you go …. how did he do that? Well the good news is, Andreas will show you! Including how to create your own home grown film festival. https://www.youtube.com/user/AndreasAHem

Honorable Mention – KnopTop. Dave Knop is one of those Indy Mogul disciples who took what he learned online, picked up the flag when Indy Mogul left the scene, and carved out his own quirky, filmmaking niche.


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