Filmmaking 101: The Filmmaker’s Utility Belt

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Filmmaking is all about problem solving, and the key to making a successful film is to plan ahead. We’ve all had that drummed into our brains since the first day of film school. And if you have every tool you need within reach, then you can handle anything that comes your way. But if you have a Batman like utility belt on your hip to carry it all, so much the better. Here’s how one filmmaker does it.

Technically, cameraman Adam Opie hasn’t created a belt, so much as a pouch, but it sure does carry a lot. The pouch has pockets within pockets, with belt loops, sippers, and enough room for everything from spare AA batteries, to lens cloth, a multi tool (a must have), velcro straps, a flash light, and even your business cards.

Attached to the belt, the ouch also gives far more options, including a carabiners with a pair of fingerless gloves, and a pair of heat resistant gloves. On the outside, there’s a pocket for his radio, sharpie, and anything else you need. The utility belt has enough attachment points via a “more strap” system to handle not only the utility patch, but dry erase pen and wiping cloth for the slate that will be attached. There’s also a place for several “t marks” made from t brackets and gaffer tape of various colors, and speaking of gaffer tape, a strap filled to the gunnels with every conceivable width and color of g-tape you’ll need on set.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what Adam puts in his pouch system:

For the Belt:

The entire list can be seen here. Also, don’t forget a hat, a pair of sun glasses, and a Frogg Togg cooling towel to keep you cool. Also, having a few spare memory cards wouldn’t hurt either!

I’m sure there’s plenty more that can be added. The point is, having your own filmmaker utility belt sitting on your hip shows you’re prepared and ready for anything set life throws at you!

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