Filmstro Music Scoring App Gets Update

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Filmstro is a really cool app for filmmakers who have trouble with finding the right stock music for their film, or who don’t like stock music to begin with. Sometimes it’s too expensive to book a composer, or the timeframe is too tight.

Filmstro approaches music scoring from a different angle. Instead of supplying a cookie-cutter piece of music that may or may not work with a scene, the app instead allows the music to be edited with different envelopes that controls the piece’s momentum, depth, and power. They’re able to do this by working with a variety of musicians who write musical cues in a way that is editable. It’s pretty ingenious, really.

Now the software has just been updated, which should make the entire experience a lot more intuitive. One of the key new features is what you expect a music app would update: a larger library. Filmstro now sports 60 albums of music over a selection of different genres.

In order to keep that large amount of music in order, the app has now added a Collections feature. This will allow users to easily navigate Filmstro’s catalogue. The app has also updated to include a new Favourites feature, which will help keep track of potential pieces of music to use.

A final new feature allows users to download a single track or album, instead of a whole swath of new music. Considering the amount of space multitrack editable pieces of music take up, that should take a load off of a user’s hard drive.

Filmstro is an incredibly fun piece of software. It still can’t replace a good composer that will write a unique score for your project, but it is a lot better at being able to mimic what’s going on in a scene. Last December they released a Premiere plugin allowing editors to cut to a piece of music before picture lock. That allows cutters to not only edit the picture to music, but the music to picture, as well, as the project takes shape in an NLE suite.

Filmstro uses a monthly pricing model with a variety of subscription tiers. Depending on your music usage requirements, the prices can range from as little as $9.99 per month all the way up to $199.99 per month. They also offer a one-time month pass for those production studios or individuals who require it on a project-to-project basis.

To download the app, click here, and be sure to check out the website at

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