Five Editing Apps in iOS for Mobile Filmmaking

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

You may not realize it, but not only can you shoot a cinema grade film on your iPhone through FiLMiC Pro, but you can also edit and even color grade at the same time. I read of a filmmaker who shot a film in San Francisco, and cut it on his iPhone during the road trip back to LA, uploading it for submission to a film festival when he got there! That’s the power a mobile phone has these days. But what are some of the apps that can do the job?  Here’s a quick list thanks to iOgrapher Dave Basulto:

iMovie. Yes, iMovie. If you want to record something and cut it quick and dirty, then Apple’s iMovie can get the job done. It’s free, can be used on all iOS devices and is very simple to use. You can even do some basic color correction to it. “You can get really creative with iMovie,” Dave says. And it’s free!

Adobe Premiere Clip. The main benefit of Adobe Clip is two fold. First, if you’re in a rush, you can import your clips and then select automatic and Clip will assemble edit automatically and share them. Or, you can select FreeForm and do some basic editing. But the real benefit is it’s upload and import in to Adobe Premiere CC. Free in iTunes, but there’s also an Android version.  To import to Creative Cloud, you will need to create an Adobe ID.

Luma Fusion. The chief benefit of Luma Fusion is it’s multi layered time line. Layers means you can do some audio editing as well as chromakey, slow motion, key frames, and even adding titles, the works. $19.99 in the iOS app store. There’s also a lower cost version called LumaClip for .99 that’s a basic video editor, and LumaFX for doing multi layered video effects and color correction. $2.99.

Kinemaster.  Dave Basulto says that KineMaster has been adding more features ever since he saw it at a trade show two years ago. With it’s layered editing time line, Kinemaster enables user to do visual effects like Chroma Key, Video Overlays, Titles, Music editing, the works. Dave calls it “the go to app for editing” for  the mobile platform, once you learn its ins and outs.

And I’m going to add one more to Dave’s list. VideoGrade.  For basic color grading on the mobile platform, there really isn’t anything to match it. It has high quality color filters, but also has intuitive controls to let you custom color grade to your liking, and with preview, you see it all not only in real time, but you get a split screen preview to compare to the original image. You can even grab footage in 4K. It’s worth every penny of it’s $5.99 price tag. Trust me.

OK, so there’s seven. Sue me. But these apps will get you started, and with them in your mobile quiver you can shoot your film, edit it, grade it, and uploaded to YouTube before you get home for supper. Give em a try.





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