Flexlite To Sell Flexible LED Lights in the USA

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When you’re running and gunning, LED lights really are helpful because they’re light, cool, and don’t use a lot of energy. And if they’re flexible so you can put them darn near anywhere, then so much the better. That’s the idea behind the Aladdin Flexlite, which is going to be offering some cool tools for gaffers soon here in the US.

“Westcott is very excited to be teaming up with the inventor and engineer of this new patented technology. It’s exciting to see something that is not only unique in the area of LED, but also that represents this superb quality of light in such a compact package.” President, Kelly Mondora.

Announced at IBC and Photokina this year, Westcott Lighting introduced Aladdin Flexlite (or Aladdin Flex) as the answer to our movement obsessed craft. The Flex can be bent, soaked, rolled, and still emit light where ever you need it at around 95+ CRI on the Color Rendering Index for both tungsten (3000K) or daylight (5600K). That amounts to a lux rating of about 1600 for tungsten, and 1900 for the daylight model. And users can dim the Flex from 5% to 100% output.

Specs include:

  • Light Source:                            Super high CRI Power LED’s (40W)
  • Beam Angle:                             140°
  • CRI:                                            3000°K= 98RA      or           5600°K= 95RA
  • TLCI:                                          3000°K=98                          5600°= 96
  • photometrics:                           3000°K= 1100lx@1m          5600°K=1300lx@1m
  • Dimmer:                                    Dimming: (5% – 100%)
  • Cooling:                                     passive cooling
  • Dimension:                               250 x 250 x 8mm
  • Weight:                                     150g

Lights will come with:

  • 1x Flexlite
  • 1x Dimmer
  • 1x Mount
  • 1x Powersupply
  • 1x Extension cable

The Flex also comes with velcro tabs so you can pretty much put them anywhere. And there’s also a magnetic stand adapter as well for more static options on set. Currently, Westcott is marketing a 10-inch x 10-inch matt that contains 166 LED lights in a lined grid array with a black frame. And they’re extremely light at about 5 ounces.

But Westcott is also planning several other options which will make the Flex even more… well, flexible. These include battery operation, diffussion, frame mounting accessories, and a variety of sizes and power outputs.

No word on when it’ll be be available in the U.S. or price point. But in the UK they aren’t cheap at £413.00 or $663.00. Ouch.

Hat Tip – Cinescopophilia

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