Force Friday Toys Give Us Clues as to Events Surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With just about three months left until the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’re getting some pretty valuable intel on what is happening in the backdrop surrounding the plot. From Finn being chased across the galaxy by executioner stormtroopers, to how Luke ended up on Ahch-To, and just was is up with that planet that bleeds red dust. The toys may not tell all, but they give some serious hints. Are there spoilers? Well, kinda. But we’re talking about set pieces here, so I think we’re OK … or are we?

The first hint comes from Topp’s Trading Cards. You remember those cardboard trading cards you used to pin to your bicycle when you were a kid so they made a cool clacking noise? Or am I dating myself? Anyway, the latest batch of trading cards were revealed on Twitter Friday, that gives a major hint that Luke flew to to the home of the First Jedi Temple on board an X-Wing fighter, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it is a more recent T70 X-Wing flown by the Resistance.

And just like when he sought out Yoda on Dagobah, his poor X-Wing looks to have made an unfortunate ditching in the ocean just short of the island that houses the first Jedi temple, and sunk into a watery grave.  But I wonder how Luke got to Ahch-To without R2 navigating from his space born back seat, and if there’s another droid on the island.

Other images depicted in the Topps Star Wars Trading collection include a picture of Poe Dameron all dressed up with no place to go since his Black X-Wing gets destroyed in the trailer, R2D2 being surrounded by those adorable Porgs (which are probably going to be the biggest selling toys of Force Friday), and a classic juxtaposed poster like image featuring the fast and Rey triumphantly holding up the iconic Luke lightsaber.  And is that a return of the super cool U-wings we first saw in Rogue One?

Next comes word about the fate of our favorite traitor Finn and what’s going to be occupying him during The Last Jedi. After recovering from his wounds at The Force Awakens, we know that Finn will end up on a super secret mission back behinds the lines of the First Order. But what we have learned from Force Friday is that there are Executioner Stormtroopers who are tasked with ruthlessly enforcing absolutely loyalty amongst the rank in file troopers. When a trooper begins to question his “reason d’être,” the Executioner Stormtroopers cut off their heads with an electric axe. We’re thinking that Finn will be trying to keep one step ahead of the falling axe.

Lastly, the latest planet we find the Resistance on this time around is called Crait. Fresh after their victory at Starkiller Base, much like in Empire Strikes Back, our heroes are now on the defensive as the First Order presses their assault across the galaxy. Leaving General Leia with no choice but to head to an abandoned rebel base from the when she battled the Empire. Crait is generally considered the “new Hoth,” as it’s dusty white surface is covered in salt, that the then Rebellion mined to help finance their campaign. The salt turns red, however, when the Resistance uses their Sky Speeders to drag up a cloud of dust to mask their counter attack.

The Sky Speeders will battle the latest First Order Walkers, called the AT-M6 and are affectionately dubbed “Gorilla Walkers’ for their gate looks similar to that of a silver back gorilla using it’s arms to propel itself along the ground. The Gorilla Walkers also have what look to be reinforced front legs that could have some sort of counter measure against being able to trip them up and send them plummeting.

Lastly, Leia will have to press her space born attack from a new capital ship called the Raddus, and it looks to be a more automated battle cruiser named after the Rebel commander who bravely fought to the last above the planet Scarif, buying precious time for Jenn Urso and company to stream and transmit the data about the Death Star. The ship seems to have been named in his honor and will no doubt live up to his name in the climatic battle in the Last Jedi.

So there you have it. And judging by the hints we’re getting about the back drop of The Last Jedi from these Star Wars toys it’s going to be an epic second chapter of the trilogy. Just like Empire Strikes Back. I can’t wait!

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