Freefly Makes the iPhone More Cinematic with Movi

Freefly MoviBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Freefly Systems is getting into the mobile filmmaking game with a new handheld stabilizer for the iPhone. The new mobile Movi will not only smooth out your smartphone shots, but also add some incredible cinematic features to tell your stories or just capture the moment.

“Movi’s incredible stabilization technology is the same found in our professional rigs, (and is) designed to integrate seamlessly with the iPhone and allow users to execute stunning shots quickly and easily.”- Freefly Systems

Freefly MoviCurrently, the handheld game is dominated by the same giants of the drone game: DJI, with its Osmo Mobile; and GoPro with its Karma Grip. There are others, of course. The Zhiyun-Tech Crane M is getting pretty popular with the YouTube set.

But there’s always room for one more, and Freefly’s Movi enjoys both form and function to perhaps leapfrog it to the top of the mobile pack.

We taught Movi all of our professional filmmaking tricks. It’s the world’s most portable, adaptable, and intuitive cinema robot.

Freefly MoviKnown of having redefined what a stabilizer can do with its cinema grade MoVI line, Freefly has taken the lessons learned from their domination in that field to the more mobile version of a same name (though spelled kinda differently).

Priced at under $300, the Movi is designed around the iPhone exclusively, and controls smooth operation of the smart device along all three axis of operations. It deploys with six different shooting modes:

  •  Majestic – single operator mode with fast and slow movements and cinematic panning
  • Echo – create custom repeatable camera moves by setting start and endpoints, with duration
  • Timelapse – create moving time-lapses with start and end movement paths
  • Movilapse – creating hyper lapse like movie clips by slowing down the Movi’s gimbal movement by 10 times for a smooth, but speedy scene
  • Smartpod – locks onto a designated target to keep the camera focused on that target no matter where the movement take it
  • Orbit – while you move around a subject, Orbit mode keeps the camera locked on, allowing for ideal wraparound footage.

Movi will also gain further functions down the line through firmware updates. Though designed for one hand operation, the Movi will enable you to crawl, climb, ride, and do a host of other handheld movements and still gain a buttery smooth, cinematic image.

Movi connects to any iPhone up to 3.5 inches wide through Bluetooth LE Wireless connectivity, and is controlled through Freefly’s free iOS app. It’s powered by a lithium ion battery, and has fiber reinforced plastic parts, USB-C connectivity and a tripod mount.

Available for preorder at $299, the Movi will ship in March of 2018. That’s a tad pricier than DJI’s Osmo Mobile, and avoids going head to head with GoPro’s Hero based Karma Grip. But with smarter features, Movi puts Freefly square in the center of the competition. It should make for a more interesting playing field moving forward. Hopefully we can get our hands on it to test, until then, you can get more information at









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