Friday’s Funny: Honest Trailers – Catwoman

catwoman-honest-trailersBy Heath McKnight

Wonder Woman isn’t the first solo DC female character to hit the big screen. In 2004, Halle Berry jumped from Marvel (X-Men’s Storm) to DC to star in the absolutely awful Catwoman movie from director Pitof. Years of teases with Michelle Pfeiffer starring and Tim Burton directing didn’t turn into anything, and we ended up with one of the all-time worst films ever. Trust me, I didn’t last 20 minutes before I turned it off.

So naturally, our friends at Screen Junkies have an Honest Trailer. At least Christopher Nolan saved the Batman and Catwoman franchise with his Dark Knight Trilogy. They also remind us how terrible comic book movies got around that time before Batman Begins opened in 2005, and Iron Man in 2008.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Wonder Woman!

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