Game of Thrones Season 6 Battlefield Rumors [Massive Spoilers]

Game of ThronesBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Massive possible spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6 ahead!

Sorry for the vague post title but I have to be extra cautious about spoilers regarding Game of Thrones. I wasn’t even sure to include the word “battlefield” in the title, because I was worried it was revealing too much. But it’s Game of Thrones, there’s at least one battle every season.

This upcoming battle, however, is intriguing for who is involved. I’ll give you one more major spoiler warning.


Still reading? Alright then.


Watchers on the Wall is reporting that the battle will be between Ramsay Bolton and a resurrected Jon Snow. The biggest question from last year was whether Kit Harrington’s character died last year, and while I think it’s obvious that he did – the arrival of Melisandre to Castle Black pretty much sealed that he’ll be brought back to life.

Joining Jon will be none other than Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark, who finally finds an ally who is familial, and not trying to use her to further their own agenda. Another intriguing rumor is that Ramsay will have hung at least two known characters on burning X-crosses, although their identities haven’t been revealed. Watchers on the Wall also report that Wun Wun may be part of the battle. If that name doesn’t ring a bell: Remember the giant Jon came across in Hardhome last season? That’s Wun Wun.

More than anything, this fight brings the quagmire that is The North to a close. Unless Jon suffers a defeat and is killed (again), I’m hoping this will finally finish off Ramsay Bolton. I suspect I know which characters may end up on those X-shaped crosses, but I’ll stay mum for now.

I’m operating on the assumption that the series will end after seven or eight seasons, which means that all of the infighting in Westeros will need to end at least by this season so the characters can turn their eyes to north of the Wall with the incoming Others.

Game of Thrones will return in Spring 2016.

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