GNARBOX Can Edit Your Video Without A Computer

Gnarbox-_featured-640x360By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

What if I told you that you can edit 4K video while still out in the field without needing a computer to do it? That’s the promise of GNARBOX, and after a longer than planned for development window, and a successful Kickstarter campaign, this rugged external hard drive come wireless network is ready to hit the market.

“The GNARBOX External Storage Drive is designed to simplify the process of backing up content when on the go. With a variety of interfaces, it is easy to offload content from your camera or other mobile device without the need for additional adapters. Whether editing photos or video or simply storing your content, the GNARBOX is designed to be the hub for all of your multimedia content.” – GNARBOX site

GNARBOX Kickstarter Pitch Video from GNARBOX on Vimeo.

Gnarbox-_connect-640x333It’s a pocket-sized device that empowers you to backup, organize, edit & share HD videos and photos, laptop free. The team has been working with extreme athletes, and an online community of 20,000 members to design an external drive editing option without the need of bringing along a laptop to shoulder the heavy lifting.

How does Gnarbox work? Well, it’s kind of cheating, but it has a built in ad-hoc wifi network hub that allows users to connect a smartphone or tablet to it wirelessly and then you can use its editing app to cut together a video package and then share it online.

The device is compatible with SDXC, SDHC, SD, microSD, and even compact flash card readers via USB 3 connections, so you can offload your footage by using the app to import the footage to the GNARBOX’s 128GB built-in SSD drive.

GNARBOX 4K Edit Demo from GNARBOX on Vimeo.

GNARBOX: How it works
GNARBOX: How it works

About the size of your smartphone, the device works with both iOS and Android and you can edit full resolution 4K video, add music, and then share the resulting clip in 1080p with the world. You can do it either by your smart device, or the GNARBOX itself. There’s also support for color correction, slow motion, brightness and contrast adjustments, and cropping.

GNARBOX Website – Tom Video from GNARBOX on Vimeo.

Specs include:

  1. Intel ® Quad Core, 1.92GHZ CPU
  2. 4 Core Intel ® HD Graphics GPU
  3. Dual band 300mbps 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
  4. USB3.0 allows 100MB/sec write & 270MB/sec read
  5. 2GB RAM
  6. 1 AMP Out per USB
  7. Compatible with CF Card Readers
  8. 128GB FLASH Memory

Supported media resolutions:

  1. .MP4, .MOV, .JPG, .PNG, and .RAW files
  2. 720p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7k, 4k
  3. 12 fps, 15 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, 48 fps, 60 fps, 80 fps, 90 fps, 120 fps, 240 fps

“Capture footage in the field and use GNARBOX just to keep your files backed up and your cards clean, or take it further and edit/export/send your finished media from the field.”

In addition, the GNARBOX enjoys an IP67 specification for being shockproof, weather proof and dust proof. It’s housed in a durable case along with a 4,200 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, so you can work in the field for up to six hours without the worry of running out of battery power or needing to carry and additional external power supply.

And what’s really cool about the GNARBOX is that it works with RAW. Normally when you are shooting for this kind of mobility and ease of use, you have to settle for letting the more advanced file formats go by the wayside because the devices you’re using simply aren’t powerful enough to process the image data. but with an Intel Quad Core processor and HD graphics chips, the device can shoulder the higher data rates of Raw image processing and also do the more advanced features like cutting in 4K and in high frame rates.

The only real downside here is that while you can edit in full 4K, you can’t output to it, having to export in 1080p. But while that may but those who want to put their finished work on the silver screen, for the youtube crowd, it’s perfect, especially if you’re uploading over a cellular connection. If you’re an action film geek, where you make your cinematic bones using a GoPro, then GNARBOX could be a great tool to add to your mobile filmmaking quiver. This is a device I would really like to try out.

Pre-order MSRP of the GNARBOX is $299 for the 128GB version, and it’ll be available this month. For more information, visit their site.

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