GoPro Announces New Professional Site, Omni Ships

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Seeking to give professional cinematographers, action filmmakers and content creators a place to get new ideas for filmmaking, GoPro has launched a new website for advanced systems operations. And right along with it comes news that their Omni Virtual Reality mount is now ready to ship.

“As television and original programming audiences have evolved, so has the need for both live and original content to be as immersive and multi-dimensional as possible. As a result, professional production teams require new tools to capture and present this dynamic content, and GoPro is a leader in developing these tools.  Specifically designed to serve the needs of GoPro’s professional customers, the Advanced Systems products cover professionals focused on adding new perspectives into live broadcast and those exploring 360°/VR content creation.” – GoPro Advanced Systems

The new site is called GoPro Advanced Systems, and it is a hub that focuses on their more advanced applications including live broadcast via the GoPro HEROCast, Virtual Reality, and other custom professional solutions. Advanced Systems promises to provide end to end solutions for virtual reality and live broadcast, plus provides case studies on how these solutions have progressed over time.

OMNI (PRNewsFoto/GoPro, Inc.)

The central core of their virtual reality system is the new OMNI device, which syncs up six GoPro HERO4 Black cameras to produce not only a 4K 360° virtual image, but also is able to “over capture” in 8K so that you can create the best possible image in ultra high definition.

Once you have your spherical video coverage from all six cameras, you can then take all clips into GoPro’s new Kolor Autopan software suite to stitch, edit, publish and view it. The OMNI system costs about $6,000 and that includes:

  1. The Omni Sync Rig, 6 HERO4 Black cameras with 32GB microSD cards capture the whole scene.
  2. A GoPro Smart Remote to trigger Omni wirelessly.
  3. Omni can be powered from in-camera batteries for highly-portable shooting situations or an external power supply when extended recording time is desired.
  4. A 7-port USB hub and 6 microSD card readers to let you offload your content.
  5. Apps for Mac OS and Windows allow you to stitch and edit your videos (Omni Importer, Kolor Autopano Video Pro + Autopano Giga).
  6. And all necessary cables and accessories.
  7. Waterproof Carrying Case

Or, if you already have your HERO cameras available, B&H is offering the OMNI mount system itself, minus the cameras and other extras for around $1500. Preorders are available now, and it begins shipping next week.

large_HEROCast___2_For Broadcast, GoPro has the HEROCast system. Now in it’s second year, the HEROCast is very popular with broadcasters, especially with sports reporting. Developed with Vislink, the HEROCast comes with the HERO4 Black, plus a wireless transmitter than can send the live video feed to the broadcast truck.

The NHL has been deploying the live GoPro system with cameras and broadcast attachments mounted to the helmets of hockey goalies, and ESPN’s X-Games used it on the helmets of snowboarders and snowmobile riders doing their crazy trick shots.

The HEROCast units transmitted live pictures in 1080p to the receivers located on the mountain, which then relayed the live images to ESPN’s broadcast center.  All that was needed in either condition is a clear line of site.

It can be operated either with two separate devices, the camera and the wireless transmitter that are connected with an HDMI cable, or through the backpack attachment which can then use the HERO’s phantom power to drive it. The downside here, of course, is that with the camera and the transmitter running on the same power, the time you can record live is cut short. The separate standard package provides it’s own power for the transmitter. Check out more on the HEROCast from my interview with GoPro’s Jim Geduldick here.

Finally, GoPro is also working on some custom integration which includes a tiny tethered lens which can be fit into any location, and then connected to the camera itself with a ribbon connector. Having this tethered option means that GoPros can be put in even tinier places, like in the hockey helmet or in the base of a Grammy, which it did for the 58th Annual Grammy awards to add a new perspective.

Once it’s ready to launch, you can bet that GoPro will add the new KARMA drone to i’s quiver of professional applications, but in the meantime, the GoPro OMNI is shipping next week, and the GoPro HEROCast is available for rental or purchase starting at around $7,500. For more information, visit GoPro Advanced Systems here.

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