GoPro Hero 7 Images Leaked, Three Models Featured

Image Credit – AustinMittelstadt on Reddit

GoPro has had its head down over the last year, focusing on returning to profitability by trimming staff and the number of products it features. The result has been promising, as the company returned to profitability in their last quarterly statement. So what is on the horizon? Well, a recent leak of store display over at Reddit indicates the Hero 7 is coming, and its three cameras, not one.

There really isn’t a lot of details on the Hero 7 at this point, but the images of what could be a Best Buy display for the next generation GoPro Hero 7 shows three models, including a white, silver and black edition. Additionally, the Hero 7 Black looks to be the only model that has the forward facing LCD screen.

Image Credit – AustinMittelstadt on Reddit

This makes me wonder if GoPro is using the Hero 7 line to shift towards a generational release of all their cameras under a standardized moniker. So, instead of the entry level GoPro Hero (announced earlier this year), and then the GoPro Hero 6 Silver and Hero 6 Black, could the GoPro line moving toward an entry level Hero 7 white, a mid range Hero 7 Silver, and finally the top of the line Hero 7 Black?

It could be that GoPro is harkening back to the Hero 4 line, which gave the Hero 4 Silver the only rear facing LCD screen, while the basic and Hero 4 Black models didn’t come with one. I hope this isn’t the case for the Hero 7 Black, as I really like the LCD screen on it. It’s a lot easier to use than the forward facing one. And if the white model is entry level, if it has no LCD screen at all, could it only be controlled via the GoPro app and a few buttons on the camera itself? There’s a lot of questions here, but the images offer little answers.

Next is the waterproof rating to a depth of 33ft/10m. Which is pretty standard for your garden variety action camera, so nothing new there. But we are also hearing that GoPro has improved on the image stabilization feature from the Hero 6, with a dramatic improvement for the Hero 7. Already Nick Woodman and company were crowing that the Hero 6 could take smooth footage that mimics the use of a handheld gimbal stabilizer (ironic, considering the Karma Grip was a huge seller for them in 2017).

I have to say, that I was notably impressed with the Hero 6’s image stabilization. It’s the real deal when it comes to gimbal-like performance. It’s also got amazing HDR color science, that really makes the images shot with it pop. So if GoPro has managed to improve on these features with the Hero 7, it could be the main reason to get one to add to my growing collection. GoPro usually does a buy back program, so maybe the way to go is to sell all the ones I have and get as many as I can!

That’s all we know for now, but GoPro is rumored to be unveiling the Hero 7 later this month, and if displays are already being put out in stores, that’s likely the case. It’s exciting to see that GoPro is back and still in the game, and it’ll be exciting to see what they have in store next!

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