Guillermo del Toro Talks Justice League Dark

Justice League art by the great Alex Ross (click for larger)

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. are developing a Justice League movie, in a bid to claw back the precious box office ground lost to Marvel’s The Avengers.

However, according to director Guillermo del Toro, the studio’s plans and ambitions stretch further than was previously thought.

The Pacific Rim filmmaker revealed that he is currently developing a Justice League Dark franchise, which would presumably run along side the other Zach Snyder helmed series.

He said to (via Coming Soon): “We’re still [working on ‘Justice League Dark’], writing, and hopefully it will happen but there are no developments that are new. We’re still at Warner Bros., they are making plans for the entire DC universe. All the superheroes, all the mythologies, and part of that is Justice League Dark. They’re planning on TV, movies, and all the media, so we have to fit into that plan.”

Justice League Dark would feature some of DC Comic’s favorite cult characters including; The Demon, John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman and The Spectre.

Del Toro has spoken about developing characters such as Swanp Thing before, however, this revelation clearly shows that WB are attempting to knock Marvel off their perch.

Indeed, they have some catching up to do, as Disney owned Marvel already have a hit spin-off TV show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., along with their ground-breaking tent pole franchise, The Avengers, which is already half way through its second phase.

After Warner’s wrapped Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed The Dark Knight trilogy, the studio instantly started developing their own tentpole, which will bring the world’s of Batman and Superman together on-screen for the first time.

The first movie, Superman reboot Man of Steel (2013), which was directed by Snyder, grossed over $660 million worldwide.

Snyder and Dark Knight writer David S Goyer are currently making the follow-up film, which is unofficially titled Batman vs Superman (2015).

That almighty blockbuster juggernaut is expected to introduce, tentatively at least, the likes of Wonder Woman and Nightwing (Robin), ahead of a Justice League film.

But if Del Toro is to be believed – and he’s a pretty credible source – DC Comics and Warner Bros. could potentially have two tentpole franchises, existing in the same cinematic universe.

The possibilities are literally endless. Also Oscar nominee Del Toro is a filmmaker of rare genius and will hopefully deliver a superhero movie which will be unlike any other we have seen before.

Stay tuned for more Justice League Dark news.

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