HBO Developing Four Game of Thrones Spinoffs

game-of-thrones-season-4-title-show-logo-101539By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Well this is exciting! For years we’ve been hearing about a possible Game of Thrones spinoff/sequel being developed, and HBO has now announced that they are developing not one — but FOUR spinoffs of the groundbreaking series.

According to the New York Times, HBO has hired four writers to work on these spinoffs: Max Borenstein (Godzilla), Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, Kingsman), Brian Helgeland (42, L.A. Confidential), and Carly Wray (The Leftovers). Novel series creator George R.R. Martin is also working with both Jane Goldman and Carly Wray on their respective screenplays.

Game of Thrones producers and showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff are executive producers on these series, but will remain largely hands off, with the premium cable network saying the following in a statement:

“We will support them as they take a much deserved break from writing about Westeros once the final season is complete.”

Game of Thrones is a huge win for HBO, who would love to keep the series going indefinitely. However, it already has a set finale date for sometime next year when the eighth and final season comes to a close. So what could these series possibly be about? There’s actually a lot of directions they could go in.


There is tons of material for prequels. Martin has a series of novellas called Dunk & Egg, which are set 100 years before the events in Game of Thrones, so that’s the most obvious direction to go in. Another likely candidate is Robert’s Rebellion, which take place 16 or so years before the events of the current series, and would be a direct sequel. They could even possibly go farther back in time to Aegon conquering the seven kingdoms, or further still to the first war with the White Walkers.


While there’s a lot of material for prequels, a sequel series is also very likely to be developed. We don’t know which characters will be alive by the end of Game of Thrones, but a new series could pick up from the aftermath of the series with surviving cast members.

My own personal favorite idea is a Golden Empire of Yi Ti spinoff series. At the other end of the world on Essos, there are five mysterious black forts that protect Yi Ti from riders out of the grey wastes, which is a large, cold grey desert. There’s also rumors of “Demons of the Lion of the Night” that the forts protect the empire from. Personally, I’m really fascinated with the idea of a similar thing happening out there that has happened to Westeros, but with a more asian bent. Kind of like Marco Polo, which was sadly cancelled by Netflix. They could even have some actors reprise their role from Game of Thrones, who go out there as an envoy or something similar.

One caveat about all of this: Just because HBO is developing four series doesn’t mean any of them will get made. It is possible that only one of them will make it to an actual series. But it begs the question, what about the books?

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