HitFilm 3 Announced With Special Upgrade Offer

NLE offers redesigned features including visual effects proxy

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

There are some who haven’t bought into Adobe’s cloud based video editing offers, but who still are skittish about what the future holds for Apple Final Cut Pro X. And for those just looking to cut their project together with a few visual effects, and do it on a budget, HitFilm may just be a solid option, and with its third generation release, the NLE not only offers redesigned features that are easy to use, but do so for a song.

A month or two back I was writing the ‘What’s New?’ page for the upcoming HitFilm 3 Pro website. As the page grew longer and longer, detailing feature after feature, vastly overtaking the equivalent HitFilm 2 webpage, I thought: yeah, this is a good one. – HitFilm.com

HitFilm is a one-stop shop for video editing, basic video effects, and coloring. It promises to merge non-linear editing with over 180 effects including advanced 3D compositing and Mocha tracking.

“HitFilm’s unique design combines an NLE and compositor in a single interface so that switching between timelines is as easy as changing tabs in your web browser,” the Hitfilm.com states.

Touted as the interface that is “designed for everyone,” HitFilm 3 has added OpenFX support with over 20 new effects, and also a 16-bit OpenEXR pipeline. These effects include Auto volumetrics, heat distortion, lens blur, curves and even pro skin retouch and grading transfer.

Users can combine 3D Models with a particle simulator to create large wings, armies, troops, city landscapes, creatures, the works. And all with full lighting support and object disintegrations. So if you’ve been wanting to make that wartime epic on a shoestring budget, this new version of HitFilm may be the air support you need to bring it to victory. And you can even easily remove objects when a piece of gear accidentally finds its way into the frame of a perfect shot.

HitFilm has also added over 130 plugins for exiting video editing software, be it Premiere Pro, Vegas, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, or After Effects. And they’re an all-in-one package, so you don’t have to deal with buying them piecemeal. And if you’re a current HitFilm plugin user, version 3 Pro plugins are free.

HitFilm 3 Pro runs for $299, $100 less than the previous version, and includes Mocha, the plugins, and more. And for a limited time, users will get a $30 upgrade discount, plus a $20 preorder discount. That’s $50 off, making it $249, and will be able to download HitFilm 2 Ultimate to get acquainted with the system for free until HFP3 is available for release at the end of November. Existing HitFilm users can upgrade for $169. And if you act now, you can enter to win GenArts Sapphire 8 … a $1700 value.

For more information, check out the blog at HitFilm.com.




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