HitFilm Demos Avengers Style Visual Effects

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

HitFilm Express is one of the best entry level visual effects tools a filmmaker can use to cut their teeth on. It’s very powerful, and can do just about anything the big boy visual effects apps like After Effects can do. And what I really like about them, is every time a blockbuster film like Avengers: Infinity War comes out, you can bet that HitFilm is going to come out with a new tutorial on how to create the same kind of visual effects.

“We’ve entered an incredibly exciting new period of development for HitFilm Express,” says Josh Davies, Founder and CEO of HitFilm. “This new version is filled full of Pro-worthy features, including super powerful motion graphics tools and new viewer controls for 360° video! We’re proud of the fact that our development is spearheaded by our users and we are confident that HitFilm Express is growing in the right direction to provide filmmakers and creators with accessible, powerful and easy-to-use software.”

HitFilm always puts out a fun short film that showcases popular visual effects found in movies. Last time we saw them highlight visual effects from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and today, with the release of the latest version of HitFilm Express, they’re releasing an Avengers inspired how to on creating your own Thor lightning effects.

The effects tutorial uses, such techniques as masking, key framing and motion tracking to show how to isolate the subject in a video and pull them out and into their own dedicated layer. Once that’s done, you can add effects like lightning to create an impressive, Hollywood grade visual effect.

All told, HitFilm Express offers over 410 professional grade visual effects and presets, and there are over 2.4 million users of the software worldwide, making it the fastest growing visual effects and editing app in the world.

The best part, though, is that HitFilm Express is a free download, and along with installing the app, you can download the original raw footage and follow along to learn how it’s done.  Learning by doing is always the best way to learn a new trick, and by providing the footage, HitFilm is saving you both time and effort in shooting your own video footage until you have the technique down.

New tutorials and how-to videos aren’t just released with new versions either, as HitFilm has a new trick to share every week.  You can watch them on HitFilm’s Youtube channel here.

Then perhaps you can cut your teeth on HitFilm’s latest tricks for 360 video.




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