HitFilm Pro Gets Massive Software Update

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When you’re just starting out as a filmmaker, using software that can help you to hit the ground running can make all the difference. And if it’s affordable, so much the better. That’s where HitFilm Pro has come in, with a suite of tools that not only allow users to edit their films, but also to add some pretty sophisticated special effects. Now, in their largest software release in history, HitFilm Pro for 2018 is giving us even more.

” … your feedback and sense of community (all 1.8 million of you!) has driven this latest release to be the biggest it has ever been. Not only that, when you purchase ANY of our products, you get 12 months of updates completely free. When your 12 months runs out, you get to keep your latest version forever! With these new releases, we’ve officially upped our game.” – HitFilm.com

First on the list of improvements, HitFilm Pro has added several new editing tools including a Sequence Animation tool to create simple movements, transitions and fades directly within the timeline. “Not leaving the timeline provides the basis for a ton of new features in HitFilm Pro,” the update blog states, “we’ve enhanced the capabilities of the Editor to allow you more freedom to make speedy changes.”

Create Cool Titles

Next comes an Adaptive Trimmer Tool, a non-destructive editing options that enables the editor to trim and retrim a sequence, trying to new options until they settle on the best cut. And you can again, do it right within the timeline by double clicking the clip and opening the trimmer panel. Lower Thirds can also be added with the Create Text in Editor tool, in order to create on screen credits and lower thirds for talking heads sequences, or even indicate transition of time or change of location.

HitFilm Pro also has streamlined the import process of H.264, removing the requirement for re-encoding using QuickTime directly. Now it’s just natively importing of all .MOV files, then export using the Export Queue. You can also search for additional footage on your network with the Intelligent Search Tool, and adjustable playback quality for faster playback at lower resolutions, rather than waiting for rendering.

Rendered-Car-1-1024x438HitFilm’s Compositor, improvements include a panel and timeline graph, giving users the ability to work on two effects shots at once, and within the same image frame. HitFilm Pro has also added a Vertical Video Effect, for creating alternative aspect ratios, and manipulating vertical video from a mobile device as background for the original shot.

Hitfilm Pro is also delving into virtual reality by adding 360° video tools including 360 Blur, 360 Distort, 360 Glow and 360 Fisheye Converter. And attempting to emulate the capabilities of Red Giant Plural Eyes, HitFilm Pro has an AutoSync feature which will enable you to import and sync audio to video, and then level and normalize it wit the Audio Hard Limiter.

Moving to the special effects panel, HitFilm Pro has added Behavior Effects for replicating your favorite motion graphics and adjusting them ever so slightly in order to prevent a cookie cutter look that would spoil an effect. Those same effects can also be joined to create more complex effects. And HitFilm Pro is also going to get into animation with a puppet animation tool that, much like Adobe’s Character Animator, will enable users to have full control over not only animations, but also images, shapes and even text with full natural motion.

Other visual effects tools include:

  • Geometry Effects
  • Extrude, Bevel and Rotate 3D titling effects
  • Occlusion for Text Tools for that Stranger Things vibe
  • Mirrorless reflections

HitFilm-Pro-Interface-640I told you, it’s a massive update. And HitFilm Pro is also now a standalone product, available for $299, with a year’s worth of updates. It’s not a bad price if you want to avoid a month to month subscription. For more information, visit HitFilm.com.

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