Hive Launches WASP 100 C LED Light On Kickstarter

Hive WASP lightsBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

LED lights are changing the way we light sets and locations thanks to their low power, but super bright illumination. Such power with a low footprint is allowing the small crew or one man filmmaker to create smaller, more compact lighting kits offering the same bang for the buck. Hive is launching a new Kickstarter campaign for their new Wasp 100C studio light that should fit right in to the new paradigm.

wasp-100-c-featured-640x360“Our vision is to bring top quality, high-output, energy efficient, and affordable lights to the creative world. But could we design a fixture
with the highest quality of light, make it work with all kinds of popular accessories and accessible to all levels of production? The answer is the WASP 100-C.” – Jonathan Miller, Co-Founder, HIVE

wasp-100-c_1-300x234The WASP 100-C is a constant 100w LED Studio light that’s aimed directly at small photography and cinematic crews looking for a light that they could control everything from hue, to color temperature and saturation. That means that it can be a standard lighting setup for all levels of production—from professional gaffers on Hollywood feature films to aspiring indie filmmakers, video bloggers to fashion photographers. But can also work as stage and live event lighting as well.

The C100 has five energy efficient LED bulbs that can be adjusted to mimmic the light output of more expensive lighting panels like the ARRI Skypanel.

wasp-100-c_3-640x345Using their SHOT control system (Saturation, Hue, Output and Temperature), the Wasp promises to get the perfect light for any shot. Shot controls can be adjusted using the standard DMX protocol through multiple dials on the light head, or wirelessly through your mobile phone of tablet. With those adjustments, it’s possible to create lighting with millions of colors through saturation and hue combinations. Color temperature can be adjusted from 1650k to 8000k as well.

Other features include:

  1. 100w with 5 LEDs
  2. 98 CRI/97 TLCI
  3. Not just bi-colour, it’s omni-colour at 1650K to 8000K.
  4. 0-100% dimming control.
  5. 360-degree hue control.
  6. 0-100% saturation control.
  7. 108-degree beam angle
  8. Control via DMX or smartphone app.
  9. Weighing in at 5lbs (2.26kg).
  10. Powered via V-mount or Anton Bauer batter, or AC.
  11. Compatible with a wide range of accessories.

The WASP C-100 is also designed to work with your existing lighting accessories, so investment in supporting equipment is kept at a minimum.

Cost of the WASP C-100 is expected to be around $1100, but during Hive’s crowdfunding campaign, users can pick up a C-100 for $899, that’s $250 off, or you can pick up a three light kit for $2499, which is half as expensive than a single ARRI Skypanel. With 14 days to go, the Wasp C-100 is getting plenty of love, too, having raised nearly ten times it’s original $35,000 goal. And since they’ve passed the $300,000 plateau, all orders will include an embroidered lens bag for all your gels and lenses.

To order, head on over to their Kickstarter page. Shipping is expect to be in March of 2017.

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