Hulu TV boasts Twice As Many Live Subscribers as YouTube

Live TV streaming is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to companies like SlingTV, DirecTV Now, and YouTube TV. But recently, streaming rival Hulu has leap frogged over YouTube with twice as many subscribers. Is this a market reaction to Disney’s Fox acquisition, or just that cord cutting is picking up steam now that live TV is in the mix?

According to a quarterly report by Bloomberg, both Hulu TV and YouTube TV have amassed over 3 million streaming subscribers to date, and are both adding hundreds of thousands of new subscribers every month. Hulu Live has the advantage, giving them 2 million subscribers, while YouTube TV indicates a 1 million subscriber base.

With that kind of robust growth, Hulu is now the second highest streaming subscriber, just behind DishTV (at 2.6 million) and just ahead of DirecTV now (at 1.6 million).  Sony’s Playstation Vue brings up the rear with paltry 500,000. The Bloomberg report also indicates that growth for both SlingTV and DirecTV now has stalled, with AT&Ts DirecTV Now even bleeding out subscribers, rather than keeping the ones they have.  This is prompting AT&T to consider raising prices, not cutting them, in order to reach profitability. According to the report, AT&T is looking at a base rate of $50-60 a month.

Good luck with that. YouTube recently raised their base live TV streaming price to $40, and that could have given Hulu a shot in the arm, as cord cutters seek the best deal possible to avoid the hefty, ever rising fees of cable and satellite.  But it could also be as a result of Hulu’s new majority owner, Disney, who recently acquired 21st Century Fox, and their shares of the streaming media portal.

Disney now has a controlling interest in the partnership, and recently the news dropped that it is seeking to acquire Warner Medis’s 10% stake in Hulu as well.  Cord cutters looking to get on the ground floor of Disney+, play be of the mind they will get a better deal bundling with Hulu in the long run.

The bigger take away though, is that adding it altogether, cord cutters amount to nearly 10 million users, rendering cable and satellite all but dead.

Hat Tip – The Verge

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