At IBC: Gear and Software Take Center Stage

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

IBC is in full swing and with it, we’re starting to get a host of announcements for cool new tools and updates that will make our filming and post production lives much easier.

Adobe was first out of the gate announcing their 2018 Creative Cloud Update, and while it has some cool new features, it looked to me to be a rather modest one that is designed to give users greater organizational tools, further team sharing, and a new revenue stream for motion graphics through Adobe Stock.

Next came Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive. If you aren’t familiar with this cool app, it uses a plugin that enables users to create transcriptions of your creative project on the fly using either Watson or Speechmatic to do the heavy lifting. With IBC, Digital Anarchy is announcing that Transcriptive has gone international, with the ability to transcribe in over 20 different languages including  English, Japanese, German, Spanish and French. Speechmatic adds additional languages including Russian and Swedish, Watson adds Arabic and Mandarin.

On the hardware side, SmallHD is expanding its line of reference montiors again with the new 1703-PX 17” RM.  Fully featured, the 1703 sports double the brightness as the competition and SmallHD says that it is “right at home in full sunlight.” Meaning that details will be easy to be seen without the need of creating some sort of shade to cover the monitor screen in order to enjoy it. The1703 supports DCI-P3 and Rec 709 color spaces, and offers a 1500-1 contrast ratio and 179 degree viewing angle, which makes it easy for the cast and crew to watch the shot without missing out.

All told, the 1703 looks to be an excellent addition to the SmallHD line and would be ideal for shooting out in the wild where you can’t really bring along a tent of covering to support it.

In the audio world, RODE has added another wireless microphone to its RODELINK Kit line.  Joining the Filmmaker and Newsshooter wireless kits, the new Performer kit comes with TX-M2 Wireless condensor microphone and is driven by the RX-DESK desktop receiver.

Like the Filmmaker and Newsshooter wireless kits, RODE has chosen to use the world wide transmission standard of 2.4 Ghz, but gets around the problem of congestion by broadcasting using a secure Series II encrypted digital transmission. And to make sure there’s no problem with reception, the microphone sends that secure transmission simultaneously on two separate channels, with the RX-DESK desktop receiver choosing the strongest signal so that the audio connection is reliable as a cable connection.

The Performer Kit is ideal for live broadcasting and performances, weddings, worship services and more. It uses a one touch pairing with the receiver to connect in seconds and has 5 step level adjustment from -20 to 30dB. Powered by RODE’s LB1 Lithium ion batteries, or a pair of AA batteries.

Price of the RODELINK Performer Kit will be $499 (B&H Link here) and it will ship by the end of September.

That’s all for Day One so far, but we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on all the action coming out of Amsterdam, so stay tuned!

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