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Sachtler FlowTech 75. Fastest tripod. Sets up in seconds.  Can go extremely low or high with minor adjustments. Magnetic transport locks keeps legs together during transport.  Easy to remove feet for spike mode.  Magic Arm attachment points. Carbon fiber design that’s lightweight, soft to carry, but very robust. $1,000. Shipping now.


Atomos. Sumo 19 M reference monitor. Same 1200 nit HDR function, but monitor only with no recording or playback. Quick access features.


Also available are 15 new connector converters with a wide range so you can connect just about anything with scaling, format conversion, frame rate conversion, and more. Color coded by feature. Overlays. SGI input/output. $99 and up to $595. Shipping later this year.


SUMO OS now supports Varicam up to 240 fps. Free update.


Panasonic EVA 1. 5.7K recording to SD cards. 14 stops of usable dynamic range. Up to 4k 60p or 2K 240p. Raw coming. Dual ISO. EF Canon mount. HDMI. ND filters. Everything you need for cinema, broadcast, or even light enough to shoot on a drone.

ROTOLIGHT. NEO 2. First all in one continuous LED light and high speed sync flash. Bi Color 3150-6300. 2 Hours continuous power or 85000 flashes on AA batteries. Built in special effects. Elecron skyport wireless flash receivers 500% brighter than continuous poutput with now recycle time. Remote control. $399. avilable now.


Angeniuex Optimo Ultra 12x Zoom lens. Replaces Angeniuex’s famous 24-290mm. Designed for digital production and supports Super 35mm, Open Gate Dragon, and full frame.

ARRI. Anamorphic ultrawide 19mm-36mm lens. Widest in the world.  Skypanel S360C. Largest LED light ARRI has ever made. Fully tunable 2800-10k K. Lighting effects. 120K Lumens. 4X brighter than other skypanels. Huge aperture that throws far distances.  Shipping November.


Skylink basestation that wirelessly communicates to any ARRI Skypanel to make hands free adjustments to multiple lights via wifi. 3 receiver kit. 10 receiver kit. Or ala carte.

LitePanels. Gemini 2.1.  Full spectrum white light. Three lighting modes. CCT mode. 2700-6000 with +/- green. Full color HSI mode. Gel mode for digital gels. 0-100% intensity control. Barn doors, snap grids, Soft boxes.

Best Hardware – For me it has to be the Sachtler Flowtech 75.  The design is simply well thought out with the ability to raise the camera extremely high or go incredibly low in seconds without compromising the robustness of carbon fiber construction. But it’s magnetic legs that stay together during transport shows an attention to detail that I just plan dig. This tripod is performing whether it has a camera high hat inserted in it, or if it’s just being carried on a shoulder to the set. And I like that.

Best Software – When we saw Transcriptive back at NAB, we were impressed as hell. Now, here at IBC, this software has been transformed into a beast of a universal translator that can provide transripts in 22 different languages. That’s really going to make life a hell of a lot easier for making your project go global, and it deserves to get the best software award.

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