iPhone/iPad Mini Announcement Coming in September

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

It never ends, the Cupertino Rumormill. And as long as there’s a new product over the horizon, someone will try to find out when and what it’s all about.  And as it gets closer, the rumors can get more accurate or wildly off-base.  But credible sources have discovered that on September 12,  Apple plans to announce a new widescreen iPhone, and an iPad Mini as part of a fall lineup of products designed to give Cupertino a profitable holiday season.

The report comes from the website iMore, which managed to nail the announcement date for the New Retina iPad earlier this year.  So, many are very comfortable with iMore’s call that September 12 is the day that Tim Cook will take to the stage with his iOS posse to announce a four inch, 16×9 widescreen iPhone, a smaller 7.85-inch iPad Mini and also a new iPod Nano.  iOS 6 will also be buttoned up and we’re betting it’ll be released that day as an over the air update. Apple announced iOS at the WorldWide Developer’s Conference last Spring, and promises some cool new features including enhanced SIRI support, Apple’s own 3D maps utility, and Passbook – Apple’s digital wallet for loyalty cards and boarding passes.

Whether it’s called the iPhone 5, or if it’s renamed “The New iPhone,” like it’s larger retina cousin, the announcement date is pretty spot on when you consider that Cupertino took the iPhone off a January schedule and put it on a fall release cycle in order to take advantage of the holiday shopping season.    And if Apple stays on schedule, they will release these products about 10 days later on or about September 21st.

What are the details?  Well, as we have reported before, the new iPhone is rumored to be a slightly larger four inch, 16×9 retina screen and will come with a redesigned 19 pin connector port to make room for larger battery capacity, NFC communications, and a 4G LTE chipset.  And although Steve Jobs believed that a 3.5″ retina screen was the ideal size for a smartphone, even with media capabilities.  But the iPhone has been taking a hit from larger screen Android phones and request from iPhone users who want more screen real estate. So, it’s likely that Cupertino has been forced to release the larger size due to consumer demand.   But it’s new design will force users to rethink, and rebuy many of their third party accessories or get adapters to keep them in use.

Word on the smaller iPad is that it’ll be exactly like it’s larger 10″ cousin, only smaller to accomodate those who wish a more portable tablet option.  The New York Times cited former Apple executives who said that women may be powering the decision to release an iPad mini as a 7.85 inch screen would make it ideal to fit in a purse, or pocketbook.   But a smaller iPad will also be more popular with students because it’ll likely have a sub $300 price tag to compete with the $199 Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

The iPod nano will be a typical update that will provide more “fins,” and iOS 6 centric upgrades to give people a ready made excuse to buy them.  But those holding out for an iTV announcement as part of Apple’s habitual “one more thing,” drop, will probably be disappointed.  Although some rumors have hinted at a Holiday bombshell, the conventional wisdom there is that iTV won’t be out until next year or as late as 2014.   And it would be fool hardy to announce it at the same time as the iPhone because whenever it does, you can bet it’ll suck up all the oxygen in the room.

But we should know all in about six weeks.

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