Is Apple Working on a New 6K Ultra Wide Display?

Image credit - 9to5 Mac

Whenever Apple announces new hardware for this year, we’ll not only see updates for iPads, iPods and AirPods, but there’s a rumored 6K display that has been seen out in the wild. Could a 6K iMac also be in our future? Or is this monitor laying the ground work for the long awaited Modular Mac?

Image credit – 9to5 Mac

The image above comes from Jeff Benjamin of 9to5 Mac, which has speculated that a new 31.6″ 6K ultra wide  display will enjoy a 2.17:1 aspect ratio, and a resolution of 6240×2880.  With ultra wide displays all the rage these days, the end result will be 17,971,200 pixels, a 48% increase from the the current 5K display made by LG. It’s also likely to be listed as a 6K/3K, or a true 5K ultra wide when you do the math. Confused yet?

Benjamin also points out that this is the same natural aspect ratio of the iPhone Xs. Interesting, but I don’t think that there’s really anything there except maybe making AirPlay a little easier.

Image credit – 9to5 Mac

This monitor could just be a natural update to the Apple Cinema display that users have been waiting for, or it may be designed to support Apple’s Modular Mac, which is supposed to arrive this year. The ultra wide display will also likely mean that Apple won’t use it in an iMac Pro design, simply because it’s … well, ultra wide. But that doesn’t mean a 6K iMac Pro won’t use the same display technology in just a conventional 16×9 aspect ratio.  Then, content creators who are looking for a multi monitor setup, may spring for the 6K ultra wide model to create a dual monitor display.

Right now, it’s just insider speculation, and let’s face it, with NAB just 4 weeks away, the news cycle is rather dry as we wait for new products to hit the stage in Las Vegas. But if Apple is going to put out a forward thinking Modular Mac, it makes sense that they would want an equally advanced display to support it, especially in an 8K ecosystem.


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