KineRAW Mini Can Now Record 4K

Modular RED Competitor Catches up with External Recorder

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

While at the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) in China, Kinefinity announced an upgrade to the KineRAW Mini modular cinema camera that will enable the RED competitor to record 4K via an external video recorder. Called the KineDeck, the recorder can go up to 6K , and will connect via the KineRAW’s rear external raw port.

When it was first announced, the KineRaw Mini was positioned as a 2K camera, but now we’re learning that it’s capable of way more. And with the KineDeck recording 4K Raw is doable (but only in CinemaDNG only). With the new KineDeck plugged into the back, it can record to 4K.

Another upgrade is that the camera can shoot 720p Raw at 100 fps. Kinefinty also plans a firmware update, which will allow for 2K recording in crop mode.

As for lenses, the KineRaw can come with a fixed camera mount that you can’t change, or you can choose to get the interchangeable lens option in order to use an EF mount or  they have created a a B4 adapter to add a B4 lens to the KineMount, which can be powered by the camera battery.  The adapter is around $500.  The mount also powers the electronics for the EF lens as well.

Unfortunately, the interchangeable mount will not support image stabilization at this time.  At present, there is no MFT lens option, but after the firmware update, an MFT lens option is only an adapter mount away.  And in a pure headscratcher, the KineRaw Mini only records to mono via its external minijack, but you can plug in an XLR mic and get a stereo signal.  Go figure.

And there’s also an optional hand grip (dubbed the KineGrip), which looks to be a re-purposed Nikon hand grip that’s been customized for the KineRaw housing.  It includes a second battery to power the unit.  That’s very nice if yo9u’re using the B4 lens option.  That’ll buy you another 90 minutes of battery time while out in the field.  The KineGrip will be available in September for about

As for only shooting in CinemaDNG, the discussion in the video below seemed to point to Kine being unable to sow up rights to record to ProRes or Cineform Raw natively, but they’ve also announced a software package called KineStation, which will convert the open source Cinema DNG format to Cineform Raw in post.  KineStation is available now for Windows, and next month for Mac support.

It’s smart to future proof the concept by going 6K on the recorder, and a Kinefinity rep stated that the KineRaw may go up to 6K in the next model.   That would certainly help the KineRaw to keep up with the RED Scarlet’s Dragon processor upgrade.

The only question will be if it’ll be a pure on board 6K camera, or will it be like it is now, a 6K capable camera hobbled to 4K that can boost up to 6K with the KineDeck.  That’s more likely because there’s really no point of the deck if you can record to the dual SSDs on board.

The KineDeck will run users the same cost as the camera – about $3200. Available next month.

Hat Tip – EOSHD

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