Kodak Launches PixPro ORBIT360 Virtual Reality Camera In 4K

orbit360_sideBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Kodak has built up its ORBIT360 VR camera by adding 4K support. The compact action camera could be a great for filming action in the round. When it comes to cameras, is Kodak back?

*The KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR Camera adopts a minimalist approach to an all-in-one 360° VR camera with two fixed focus lenses housed in a futuristic camera body. Each curved lens is designed to work in tandem to capture full 360° 4K video.* Easily upload 360° videos and photos to social media platforms via the camera’s Smart Device App while on the go.”

kids kodak orbitI first the ORBIT360 last summer at VidCon and was impressed with how small it is, while still being able to deliver a high definition 360 image. But the new ORBIT360 takes it to 4K.

The ORBIT360 is pocket-sized and capable of fitting just about anywhere. In addition to dual 197° super wide angle lenses juxtaposed for a near 360 degree field of view, each lens has actually a separate camera, with dual dedicated 20 megapixel CMOS sensors capable of capturing 4K. Other options include full frame 4K with the front facing camera, and a hemispheric “dome mode,” that enables users to view at 235° or add 155° to capture nearly the entire spherical spectrum. All in 4K.

Using the ORBIT360 4K, users can upload 360° virtual content to both Facebook and YouTube, as well as direct support from Kodak’s VR apps in both iOS and Android. Records to up to 256GB microSD cards.

It looks to me like Kodak wants to take on GoPro’s Fusion with the ORBIT360 4K. Judging by its compact size and a wide variety of mounts for image capture in a variety of situations, such as killer action sports, they could get some traction. But I think they’ve got their hands full competing against GoPro, unless they can develop a similar feature like GoPro’s OverCapture, which debuts after the first of the year.

But still, competition in the VR world is always a good thing, and having another compact action 360 camera out there can only push everyone to innovate. And we will all benefit from that. Available now at all the usual outlets, but at B&H, it comes as part of a great “satellite pack,” which includes selfie style poll, mountain frame, various filters, mini tripod, and a wrist mounted remote control for around $550. Amazon has a similar Adventure pack, minus the pole, for $499.

MEVOIn other camera news, Vimeo is announcing support for the MEVO Plus Live streaming camera. Dubbed as the “TV Studio in your Pocket,” the MEVO can stream from any platform in HD through Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope and now Vimeo. The streaming company is offering their own branding on the camera array, as well as recording in 4K for archival purposes.

Users can stream over WiFi, connected to LTE via their smart phones, of wired into your network’s ethernet port with MEVO Boost for a reliable connection. The stream is then controlled through the MEVO app, which can not only switch through various MEVO devices, but can also live edit with pinch to zoom, swipe to pan, and cut between devices.

MEVO has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and can auto track on an individual, keeping them perfectly framed as they move, and thanks to the power of 4K, a single MEVO can become up to nine different camera angles within the same field of view when streaming in HD. A simple tap and you’re going from wide angle to close up and back. There’s also autopilot and face detection modes for one-person operations.

Right now, users can get $100 off of MEVO right now, making it a pretty affordable $399. Not a bad investment for a flexible 4K studio camera on a budget.

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