Larry Jordan: Improve Your Job Hunting Skills

[The following is from Larry Jordan’s Power Up Webinar number 254 – Improving Your Job Hunting Skills. It’s available at]

By Larry Jordan

All of us DESERVE a good job. But, what we deserve has nothing to do with whether we will actually FIND a good job. In fact, the job market is stacked against us – and no one tells us the rules.

In this week’s webinar, you’ll find the tips you need to know to successfully market yourself to land a good job. I present this session every semester to the engineering students at USC. It is ranked as one of the top lectures at the school, drawing hundreds of students each semester.

Even if you are long-past being a student, you’ll find lots of tips you can use in finding that next gig or full-time job.


  • The reality of today’s job market
  • The secret to job hunting
  • Define the product that is you
  • Market yourself
  • The Campaign: “Dialing for Dollars”
  • The Technique of Job Hunting
  • Plan for the Job Interview

If you know someone who is looking for work, or you simply want to polish your own job-hunting skills, this workshop can make all the difference.

Check out the except below:

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