Larry Jordan – Thoughts on Adobe Rush and Content Creation

Adobe's Project Rush on the iPad. Will Premiere be Next?

by Larry Jordan

Last Tuesday, Adobe announced a brand new product: Project Rush. This new video app is focused on two areas where Adobe has not been strong: video editing on mobile devices and social media. Now, some would say that this is Adobe’s response to iMovie on the iPhone and I think there is some truth in that. But there’s a bigger message here: video on social media – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – is as big, or bigger, than traditional media in terms of audience, audience engagement and worldwide reach. The budgets are not, but the audience is.

Equally true, however, is that most people posting to social media are not professionals. (Witness the rise of vertical media and the shudders that sends through video pros as an example.) Yet there are millions – MILLIONS – of content creators out there. They need and deserve high-quality tools that don’t require a degree from a fancy film school to use.

Apple has iMovie, but, from what I’ve seen in limited demos of Project Rush, Adobe has the more completely thought-through product. Tight integration from Project Rush into Premiere, After Effects and Audition. A seamless workflow that allows someone to achieve quality results simply, with a  clean transition into the professional-grade tools provided by Premiere for those that need it.
Yes, this will expand the market. Yes, this will increase the competition we face. And, yes, this will put even more stress on budgets at the low-end of the market. As has always been the case, we need to build our business on the quality of our creativity, the ability to develop long-term relationships and the focus to meet both budgets and deadlines. It won’t be easy – but, when you think about it, it never has. The tools we use are important – but the results we achieve with them are far more important.

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