Larry Jordan Tutorial: Adobe Media Encoder: Extract a Short Range from Longer Video Clip

By Larry Jordan

Most of the time, we work with media in Adobe Premiere Pro CC with no problems. But, every so often, we want or need to extract a shorter range from within a longer video clip. This can be useful when you need to share media between editors and want to minimize storage space, or when you recorded an hour but only need to work with about a minute. Or, well, just because…

Adobe Media Encoder makes this easy. Here’s how.


Open Adobe Media Encoder.

Choose File > Add Source (Shortcut: Cmd + I ) and import the source media file from which you want to extract something shorter.

On the left, open System Presets, then open the GoPro Cineform folder. Drag the GoPro Cineform RGB 12-bit with alpha setting on top of the clip name in the Queue panel.

NOTE: GoPro Cineform runs on both Windows and Mac systems and is fully supported within Adobe software. If you are Mac-only, another good option is Apple ProRes 422. Keep in mind that you may need to install additional software to use GoPro Cineform. Here’s a link that explains more.

If there are other compression codecs assigned to that clip, select them, then press the Delete key to remove them.

Click Yes, in this dialog, to confirm you want to delete the unneeded compression settings.


To select a range within a clip, double-click the blue text “GoPro Cineform” located underneath the imported clip name in the Queue panel.

NOTE: Double-clicking any blue Preset text opens the Export Settings window.

This opens the Export Settings window.

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