Leaked Images Point to DJI Mavic 2 Drone with Hasselblad Camera

When DJI cancelled their July event at the last minute, the talk was that the new camera to go on the Mavic 2 drone wasn’t quite ready yet. What is so special about a next generation 4K camera? Well, based on several leaked photos, it looks like the next generation Mavic Pro is getting a hefty Hasselblad makeover, along with the ability to optically zoom from above.

The leak was discovered by a Brett Thake (aka @Chromonian on Twitter), who saw a catalog for the UK retailer Argos, who then alerted drone enthusiast site DroneDJ. In the section called “Technology, Computers & Office,” there is a listing for the DJI Mavic 2 in two separate models … Pro and Zoom. But I have some misgivings about the leak.

First, it looks like it’s a “galley” version of the catalog, which may indicate that this entry is a place holder for the new drone while the company is waiting for final specs. It would be no surprise that in the run up to creating a Fall catalog, that at the galley stage, you’re just waiting for products to firm up, and are merely putting something in to continue designing the catalog. Then, as products get announced, the description is refined with more accurate details.

Why do I say this? Well, let’s take a look at the catalog description:

See the first giveaway? It’s listed as shooting 1080p video. This would be a drastic step backwards, considering that the Mavic Pro can stream live in 4K. The 1080p video could be the live view video stream back to the drone pilot, however. It also lists an 8KM transmission distance, but only a max speed of 20m/s or 45mph. The max 31 minute ¬†flight time, also makes sense, as each new model has been gradually moving up to and passing the 30 minute envelope. Twitter Drone rumor man, OsitaLV, has speculated that the Mavic Pro 2 will have larger motors and a 33 minute flight time. There there’s ¬†mentioning of advanced features including omnidirectional obstacle sensing with 3d Immersive positioning, Active Track 2.0, and a new Dolly Zoom feature for the Zoom only version.

Moreover, the Zoom Version will feature a 2x optical zoom lens (24-48mm equivalent), and have an aerial dolly zoom feature, presumably one of their smart settings. The Pro version, lists as offering a 1-inch CMOS sensor behind a new Hasselblad camera. We’ve already seen mockups of a Phantom 5 version with interchangeable lenses. But I’m still holding my powder dry on that one since I’ve yet to see a serious image of one. Just drawings.

This may, or may not be legit considering that DJI purchased a hefty interest in Hasselblad last year, and joined the medium format alliance. So if there’s a medium format drone version, or a camera with some of those advanced features, it’s believable that DJI’s collaboration with Hasselblad is finally yielding dividends in the air.

There’s no listed price, or when available, only to consult the Argos website. That’s another dead giveaway that this is simply a placeholder. But if retailers are devoting an entire page to their catalog for the Mavic 2, you can bet that we’ll be seeing it well before the holidays.

Consequently, here’s another photo from DroneDJ to get make your credit card quake:







Image credit – DroneDJ

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