LensProToGo and Lensrentals Join Forces for Film Gear Merger

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Another day, another merger. This time it isn’t a mega acquisition like Disney buying Fox. It’s more organic than that. Coming from the film gear rental world, is the news that LensProToGo is teaming up with LensRentals.com to create a seriously huge online gear rental portal.

This week, we announce to the world that we will be merging with our friends and largest competitor, Lensrentals. We are both focused on getting everything right for our customers while providing an easy and wonderful experience. But like all successful companies, we want to be even better in our second decade of existence. – LensProtoGo Blog

While LensProToGo’s blog states that both companies are doing quite well on their own, the chief reason for the merger is so that both concerns can take advantage of what the other brings to the film gear rental table. Being closely located next to a FedEx hub in Memphis, Tennessee, LensRentals.com has the ability to fill orders quickly and ship them all over the United States. Meanwhile, LensProtoGo’s stated benefits are in customer service, offering unbiased solutions and service to all customers large and small.  This includes crafting custom filmmaking packages based on specific needs, and then offering input on how those packages can be operated effectively to get the shots you want.

So while one has a massive inventory that can be shipped out to anywhere in the world, the other offers a more personal touch with customer service representatives that can answer just about any question. Merge them together and you have a mega rental center to meet just about any cinematic need or concern.

But while both companies will be operating under one major banner, the companies will still continue to operate separately to maintain the strengths that prompted them t0 get together in the first place.  And the blogpost assures that those very traits will not get gobbled up in the process, nor will there be the expect rate hike.

“We’ve all seen mergers before where the press release informs everyone about how wonderful it’s going to be for all of their customers and employees, and then a couple of months later, prices go up, service plummets. ” writes Paul of LensProToGo. “I assure you this will not be the case with our two relatively small companies. We’re forever committed to providing you with the best experience you have ever received from any company you have ever interacted with. ”

Paul goes on to assure customers, and probably the staff at both companies, that no employees will be laid off in a kind of brain drain that often happens.  Should this indeed be the case, this looks more like a marriage or partnership than the strict definition of a merger where one company gobbles up another. This looks to be a modern case where both companies will maintain their roots, while being able to work with the other to fill in the gaps where they fall short.

And the best part is, that loyal customers to either won’t get left out in the cold, but can take advantage of both. “It’s important for you to know that both brands and websites will continue to exist,” Paul concludes. “If you’re a loyal LensProToGo customer and you want to stay with us, great! If you’d like to try Lensrentals for whatever reason, please feel free. Those options will still be there for you.”

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