LensProToGo Robbed, With Over Half Million Dollars In Losses

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

This is the second time in the last twelve months that a  high profile robbery has taken place in the Indie camera world. Last October, it was Blackmagic hit by thieves in a weekend robbery, and now we hear that LensProToGo got robbed this past weekend in a smash-and-grab heist that took up to a half million dollars in cameras, lenses, and other gear.

But LensProtoGo is not taking this lying down, and is posting the serial numbers of all their equipment in the hopes that someone will see them pop up on eBay or some other portal.

At 8 AM on Monday June 15, 2015, LensProToGo employees arrived to work to find a smashed window; we had been robbed. We hope they at least got to wear cool Mission Impossible outfits, but we sadly aren’t sure of that detail … So what exactly happened? An unknown amount of gear mostly Nikon, Canon and Sony equipment was taken out through the new “hole in the wall” and smashed window. – LensProtoGo.com blog

heist-2While there was some concern that customer data may have been compromised, an updated post from LensProToGo confirmed that no computers were stolen, and that all customer data remained off site. The robbery seems to have been focused on grabbing camera gear. The thieves smashed a window and then sawed through drywall into the equipment room.

The thieves knew what they were going after, too, with gear from Nikon, Canon and Sony being the prime target, but they also nabbed some Lite Panel LED lights, Rokinon & Zeiss primes, and a host of other gear with a total of over $600,000 being boosted. Yikes! That’s a LOT of cameras and lenses, even if you boosted mostly Canon 5Ds and Sony α7’s!  But it looks like most of the losses were lenses.

Fortunately for LensProToGo, it was only a small fraction of their total inventory, so they’re not dead in the water.

“Though this may seem like a large hit to our still growing company,” the blogpost continued, “we are in tremendous spirits as a very large amount of our total inventory was out of the building on rentals.”

And in a case of kindred spirits, the competition, LensRentals.com has offered to step in and help LensProToGo to fulfill orders, if needed. That’s pretty cool and shows a camaraderie in the indie equipment rental market.

We have make a public list of all gear that was stolen during our break in.  If you have a forum, blog or website you can post it on, we please ask for your help with this! – LPTG

But what about the stolen equipment? Well, I’m guessing that this equipment is now on its way to some overseas port of call, where they will find a new home in the gray merchandise market. But in the hopes that they will be either fenced, or some dumb criminal element decides to posts their ill-gotten-gains for sale on eBay or Craigslist, LenProtoGo has taken the step of posting the serial numbers of all the stolen equipment online.

The list can be found HERE.

So spread the word, folks! Let’s see if we can get the Internet to work on the side of justice!

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