LiveStream Broadcaster Turns Any Camera Into A Streaming Video Asset

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

About a decade ago, CBS did something really cool during their coverage of the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games.  They gave athletes video cameras equipped with a little white ball on top that served to beam the video they were taking back to the broadcast truck.  The cameras were palm-sized and consumer grade, but it was bleeding edge.  Now, we can do the same thing with our smartphones and sites like UStream.  Sure, the image quality isn’t much better, but it’s no longer the domain of the big boys to stream live events.  But what if you want to amp up the quality and stream HD like the big boys do?  That’s where LiveStream Broadcaster comes in handy.  And you don’t need a broadcast truck to do it.

At about the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, the LiveStream Broadcaster fits on top of your camera, safely secured to the hotshoe connector, but it can work with just about any camera, including a GoPro Hero.   The Broadcaster takes the video signal from the camera’s HDMI port and encodes live HD video and transmits it via either Wi-Fi, ethernet, or even a 3G or 4G cellphone signal.  The system supports 1080i, 720p, and 480i resolutions, and encodes real-time in H.264 with AAC audio.  720p HD stream at 2.5Mbps (2,500Kbps), you will also need to encode at additional qualities for those who do not have the computer power or Internet speed to access your 720p HD stream. Livestream Procaster offers built-in presets that encode all resolutions simultaneously, and gives viewers live viewing options depending on their Internet speed connection, as well as if their viewing on mobile devices.

And what’s really cool is that while users can control the LiveStream Broadcaster through a PC app, it’s not required.  The Broadcaster does it’s own encoding and streaming, but users can also control it from LiveStream’s iPad or iPhone app.   And it can also be controlled through LiveStream’s website anywhere in the world.  That makes your ability to stream live IPTV truly global.

Other features of the LiveStream service include unlimited bandwidth and video storage for the life of the plan, live blogging to add real-time photos, videos and text updates before, during and after your live event, social media support with Twitter, Facebook Check-In, Streaming & Chat, as well as Livestream’s own Chat client.  There’s also an online editing feature through LiveStream’s web based interface and TriCaster plugin support.

LiveStream also offers real time analytics with such features as viewing duration, unique views, stream views, peak times, geo-location, and content analysis.  There’s even the ability to know the number of embedded players are being utilized online. This last feature can work great with LiveStream’s Content Verification program which enforces their zero tolerance view of online piracy and protect your streaming signal with automated take down notifications.

The cost of the LiveStream Broadcaster is $495 and that comes with a three month subscription for the Livestream’s streaming platform.  After that “try before you buy” period, the service is $45 a month and is ad-free.  The Broadcaster is available today for pre-order in the US and Europe, with delivery in May.

You can view their promo video here.

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