Low-Cost Carbon Fiber Jibs Pop Up On eBay

A carbon fiber jib arm for under $200?

Another budget rig from China could change the game

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

China seems to be going after the Independent filmmaker in a huge way. All you need to do is swing by eBay or Amazon and you’ll find a whole host of products that cost a mere fraction of the real deal. From 3-axis gimbals under $1,000 to Steadicam packages for less, to even carbon fiber jib cranes under $200, budget guerrilla filmmakers have some low cost options. But who knew that you can get a light and durable carbon fiber anything for under $200?! Is it worth it?

During the filming process, it’s inevitable to have creation activity under various harsh environment. Our products which adopt anodic oxidation surface treatment process have stronger wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ability compared with other products adopt ordinary spray paint process, they will keep the original colour on the surface through wind and rain. – Carbon Fiber Jib description on eBay

Redstar Pro Carbon Fiber Jib

There are a lot of things I buy on eBay that come from China for dirt cheap. Usually it’s third-party camera attachments like GoPro mounts, cold shoes, ball head adapters and other attachments. I even bought a spider shoulder rig and a nice Camera cage for under $60. And generally, my experience has been mixed.

First, they take a heck of a long time to get here … we’re talking 6-8 weeks. Then there’s the no quite the same fit as some of the machine tolerances are … well, let’s just say I’ve had to use a tap to redo the 1/4-20 threads on more than one of them. But all in all, for the money, I really can’t complain. And even if I’ve had instances where I had to return an item to China, they just end up crediting my account or sending me another one. That’s how cheap it is to make that stuff.

I’m sorely tempted to pick up this Redstar Pro Carbon Fiber Jib. For $183, with free shipping to boot, I get the jib and the tripod mount, counterweight, and a travel bag. Here are the specs:

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Max Radius: 120cm
  • Mini Radius: 70cm
  • Unfold length: 182cm
  • Max tube: 30mm
  • Max load: 5kg

It’s almost worth risking the money to see if it’ll hold up. I mean, is there such a thing as cheap carbon fiber? You can bet it’s going to be incredibly light, and likely thin. So I don’t think I’d bang it around too much. But I can understand the allure, just like I did with the CAME Camera Stabilizer (much like a Steadicam) and 3-axis gimbal. But all things being equal, I think I would just build a jib, like the Krotflik Rotorig Jib. It’s DIY. I know where it’s coming from, and if it breaks, I can build another one pretty easily with most of the same parts. Check it out:

Hey, it works.

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