Lucasfilm Announces Darth Vader Virtual Reality Project And It’s Canon

Darth VaderBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Just let this sink in: Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB is working on a virtual reality movie centered around our favorite Dark Lord of the Sith – Darth Vader! That means you’ll be able to be experience the Star Wars saga like never before, in the first person;  and did we mention it’s going to be canon

“When we looked at all the characters, places, and worlds in the Star Wars universe available to us, we asked ourselves, ‘What haven’t we seen before? Who are we curious about?’ Darth Vader is the perfect ambassador to usher us into the Star Wars VR universe.” – Vader Project scribe David Goyer via

Currently under the working title the Darth Vader Project, the first person movie will be a first because it will give fans the ability to experience a character from the inside looking out and experience actions and decisions that will be considered canon for future Star Wars films and TV projects. The Vader Project is being shepherded by comic book movie screenwriter David Goyer (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, Batman V Superman).

“Screenwriter David Goyer is now collaborating with ILMxLAB,” the announcement at said. “The brand new story-based project, revealed in a short teaser, centers around a particularly iconic Star Wars character: Darth Vader. Just like VR is a new frontier, so sounds this venture.”

“Celebration is all about Star Wars fans and seeing the reception of Trials on the show floor has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.” – Rob Bredow, Lucasfilm’s chief technology officer

Trials on Tatooine

Goyer’s first VR project for Lucasfilm is Star Wars VR: Trials on Tatooine, which has the viewer trying to escape from the clutches of storm troopers with R2D2 having you a helping hand (and by hand, I mean light saber). The game has been previewed with fans at Star Wars Celebration in London, and was also a hot topic during the ILMxLAB panel which featured LucasArts’ Vicki Beck, John Gaeta, Diana Williams, Mark Miller, and moderator Pablo Hidalgo

And if you think about it, the Darth Vader project is the ideal story to launch a virtual reality chapter to the Star Wars character saga. Although the Dark Lord of the Sith casts a large shadow across just about every movie and TV show by the journey of Anakin Skywalker and his descent into the Dark Side, we don’t really know much about what the character feels after turned to evil. It’s been hinted, sure, but is he a prisoner of his own decisions? That’s what the Vader Project will get to explore.

“VR,” Gaeta said, “will allow us to establish a deeper empathetic connection — the ability to meet characters and explore places in a way that is completely different from other media platforms.” And as Williams explained, “VR conveys a sense of presence that is truly unparalleled. You are surrounded by story.”

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