MacVideo Promo Slashes Price On Lightworks Pro Editing Software

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Spending more than two decades as an open Beta editing suite, Lightworks went mainstream in 2012 through EditShare with the goal of eventually becoming an open source editor down the road. The editing suite of choice of such Academy Award winning films as LA Confidential, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Martin Scorcese’s Hugo, and The King’s Speech, came onto the market with full technical support and an ambitious plan to develop plugins to increase it’s capabilities even further. So customers who buy Lightworks Pro through MacVideo Promo at a sale price of $199, are  not only getting a value, they’re getting an amazing one.

“To make great work, you need great tools. And editing is no exception. Lightworks’ mission is to give everybody access to the most affordable professional video editor available. Offering the same tools that professionals around the world have been using every day for the last 25 years to edit feature films, dramas, news and sports, Lightworks gives you everything you need to make your next movie look great!” – Lightworks Pro

10364016_715929521786344_9056727307131082381_n_grandeAlthough the open source version of Lightworks is still active and available for download, the professional version not only offers technical support , but also a host of new features including 4K support, project sharing, and bridging with other apps like Final Cur Pro X, Davinci Resolve 12, and Avid.

Lightworks Pro includes:

  1. Support for Blackmagic, AJA, and Matrox hardware I/O
  2. Project Sharing, enabling groups of editors to all work and collaborate together within their networked environment
  3. Export to all broadcast mastering formats such as Panasonic and Sony Formats, AVCHD, MOV, MXF, and AVI
  4. Interchange with other applications (Avid, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Resolve) with AAF, OMF, EDL and Film Cutting Lists
  5. Export to a distribution format MPEG-4 (Web, YouTube, Vimeo) at up to 1080p or to DVD and Blu-ray

The real benefit of cutting with Lightworks is that it’s platform agnostic, whether users are cutting on Windows, Mac or even Linux. No other editing suite gives Linux the time of day, and so for that small segment of Penguin fans out there, Lightworks has your back.

Lightworks Pro also has native format support for a wide range of custom codecs including MXF, QuickTime, and AVI containers, with native transcoding support for ProRes, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, RED R3D, DPX, AVCHD (with AC3 audio), H.264, and XDCAM EX / HD 422.

Lightworks also has multi-camera editing support, enabling cutting and syncing between multiple sources and formats with the click of a button, and even generate a quick and dirty auto edit for rough cuts. Users can even replace a clip by simply right clicking on the clip and choosing another. Multicam editing doesn’t get easier. Kinda makes you wonder if it could double as a quick and dirty broadcast switcher with a few extra modules.

Extremely powerful, Lightworks Pro can also continue editing while users are busy rendering, importing or exporting in the background. Users can even export files in multiple formats simultaneously, making it a huge time saver.

Now Lightworks Pro is on sale for $199 through MacVideoPromo. So if you’ve played with the free version and want to dive deeper into the more advanced pro features, there’s no time like the present to pull the proverbial trigger.

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