Media 100 Tutorial – Part 2: Preferences, Pt. 1

Media100LogoA new Media 100 tutorial

By Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

Now that we have our Media 100 project set up, let’s talk about setting up your project preferences, so that Media 100 runs exactly the way that you expect it to. To find the Preferences, you can navigate to MEDIA 100 SUITE>PREFERENCES.

The first preference, Acquire, has a great option in there for “Subtract from Mark In – 2 seconds.” This let’s you adjust the marked in-point so that you’ll always have the handles needed to add a transition to your captured clip. The Audio Input/Output preferences are fairly self explanatory, and will vary based on the hardware you have attached to your system.

The next Preference is an important one: Backups.

Media 100 Preferences

We all know how if you don’t set this properly, it can lead to major headaches later. Normally I autosave every 5-10 minutes, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I definitely keep backups of saved bins, and normally I don’t keep any more than 20-30 backups. Really, those are the main three settings in the Backups catagory, as setting them correctly will make sure that Media 100 has the backup you need, when you need it.

In our next lesson, we’re going to look at some more preferences including Export Presets, Multiclip (Multicam), and Titling and Effects preferences.

Click here to learn more about Media 100, where you can download it for free! Check back soon for more Media 100 tutorials!

Kevin P. McAuliffe is one of the Senior Editors at Extreme Reach in Toronto, Canada. His current clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and E1 Entertainment to name a few. You can follow him on Twitter @kpmcauliffe.

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