Media 100 Tutorial – Part 23: Boris RED, Pt 1: Introduction

Media100LogoBy Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

In our last lesson, in our look at learning Media 100, we started to talk about graphics in our projects, by talking about how we would send our project to Adobe’s After Effects (click here for the tutorial). In this first of a multi-part lesson, we’re going to start talking about graphics, and how you’re going to be able to add them to your edits, plus Boris RED 5.

When you purchase Media 100, you also get a license for Boris RED, which is going to be your primary graphics and compositing application. Not only can you create complex text treatments, but you can also create multi-layered composites with it. For the purposes of getting up and running, we’re going to discuss effects and titles that will appear over one shot in your timeline.  

To get things rolling, choose a clip that you would like to add an effect to, or have a title appear over, and double click on it to get it to appear in the Edit Suite window.

Once there, simply click on the “Edit” button, and Boris RED will open. Keep in mind if you apply an effect to a shot, for example EFFECTS>STYLIZE>LED, then you can access the effects parameter the same way, since the effects that are being applied are coming directly from Boris RED.


Click here to learn more about Media 100, and it’s now free! Check back soon for more Media 100 tutorials!

Kevin P. McAuliffe is one of the Senior Editors at Extreme Reach in Toronto, Canada. His current clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and E1 Entertainment to name a few. You can follow him on Twitter @kpmcauliffe.

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