Media 100 Tutorial – Part 6: Importing Pt. 2

Media100LogoA new Media 100 tutorial

By Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

In our last lesson, in our look at Media 100, we started to talk about importing media, and the easiest way to go about it. Once you’re in the import window, you’ll notice that things look a little different here, then you might be accustomed to in other Non-Linear editing applications.

Once you’re ready to import clips, the import window is unique, in that you actually have your import settings available to you, right at the bottom of the import window.

Import Media 100

Here you can choose your Import type (QuickTime Media, Still Images, etc), how long you want your stills to be, whether you want to import Image Sequences, you can assign the color range (Video or Computer), you can assign an Audio Rate, an Aspect Ratio, the Media Standard (1080i, 1080 23.98) and even the codec that you want to work in.

The best part is, you can simply tell Media 100 to “Honor the Files Aspect Ratio (etc)”, and it will just look at the file, and match whatever the parameter that the file are at, with their Media 100 Counterpart.

Also, if you are working with an odd, or “unfriendly” editing codec (H264, etc), you can even get Media 100 to compress your video so that you won’t have to worry about dropped frames, and your edits will run super smooth every time!

Click here to learn more about Media 100, where you can download it for free! Check back soon for more Media 100 tutorials!

Kevin P. McAuliffe is one of the Senior Editors at Extreme Reach in Toronto, Canada. His current clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and E1 Entertainment to name a few. You can follow him on Twitter @kpmcauliffe.

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