Michael Fassbender May Return for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.23.45 PMBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

The future of the X-Men series has been a bit in question. Not that Fox would stop making the mutant films — in fact, they’re expanding with X-Force and New Mutants — but the parent series itself is going through some transition.

We’ve known that Simon Kinberg was working on a screenplay for X-Men: Dark Phoenix (originally codenamed Supernova), but the details have been shrouded in mystery. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the new cast members will be back (especially Sophie Turner who plays Jean Grey/Phoenix) for the sequel — but what about the veterans?

At the moment, the original X-Men: First Class actors have fulfilled their three movie deals, which means that none of them are required to return. However, MTV‘s Josh Horowitz spoke to Michael Fassbender on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (which comes out in a few days), and tweeted one piece of news for the X-Men franchise.

Fassbender not appearing in New Mutants doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but his being part of X-Men: Dark Phoenix is intriguing. Fans expected Fox to try and bring everyone back for a fourth movie, and this seems to hint that at least one member is keen to return. All of the actors who began with First Class have become very much in demand, so it appeared less and less likely that any of them would return. This is the first real hint that any of them will be back.

But Fassbender possibly returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix also bodes well for more actors to return for another installment of the long running mutant franchise. Last year, Jennifer Lawrence revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she, Fassbender, and James McAvoy all agreed that they would only be back if all returned, not just one.

Nothing was signed on paper, of course, so there’s no formal agreement, but the actors do seem to love working with each other, which should give fans hope. The reality, however, is whether the room can be made in everyone’s schedule to come together for a fourth X-Men: First Class film. It is possible that Lawrence and McAvoy don’t want to impede Fassbender from returning because of their schedules, and have told him he should return without them — but I’m hoping that this news means at least those three will be back for the next one.

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