Mobile Filmmaking: FiLMiC Pro Dials In Log 2 for 12 Stops of Dynamic Range

John Lasseter once said that the iPhone was the future of filmmaking, and would change the way we look at cinematography. Steven Soderbergh is proving Lasseter’s prophecy by shooting his last two features on it. So, as mobile phones become more powerful, they may begin to rival the lower end cinema cameras. Well that time is sooner than we think, thanks to FiLMiC Pro LogV2 Curve, the latest feature in FiLMiC Pro Vs. 6, boosts the dynamic range of current, high end smartphones to up to 12 stops!

FiLMiC Pro now features Log V2 gamma curves which mark a quantum leap in high end mobile video imaging with up to 2.5 extra stops of dynamic range! When combined with our free official FiLMiC Pro LUT pack, cinematic mobile video has never been more accessible.

I had a chat with the guys from FiLMiC Pro last week, and they told me that with Version 6’s new LogV2 Curve gamma profile, they had to tear down and rebuild the gamma curve that FiLMiC gets from the iPhone, and in doing so, they were able to boost the dynamic range by 2 1/2 stops at the base ISO setting, for most devices like the iPhone XS. That rivals that from Blackmagic Pocket 4K Cinema Camera and Panasonic GH5s.  “We’ve exceeded our target for increasing dynamic range for mobile cinema,” said Neill Barham, CEO for FiLMiC Pro, “and have effectively elevated the mobile device market to begin to rival the high end camera market.”

That’s pretty impressive considering the tiny, thumbnail sensor built into the iPhone XS, XS+ and XR. Moreover, FiLMiC 6 also boosts the bitrate shooting in 4K to 130MBps! In addition, FiLMiC Pro also has announced a new professional LUT Pack for use with it’s Cinematographer Kit, The LUT pack comes in .cube format, for better compatibility with  Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio.

FiLMiC is also partnering with LumaFusion and VideoLUT to give mobile filmmakers an  early holiday gift, by making deFLAT and deLOG LUT packs free of charge. These LUTs are also bundled with LumaFusion, and VideoLUT for iOS devices, and will make it relatively simple to import your footage and color correct to Rec 709, with a single click, using your mobile device.

You can learn more about the new Pro LUT pack and learn how to use these new features by going to FiLMiC’s website. There you will find a series of new tutorials and test shot clips to push the limits of the footage’s new dynamic range and see just what it can do.

FiLMiC Pro version 6 is also available from the iTunes App Store and on Google Play for $14.99. Moreover, FiLMiC Pro V2 Curve is available as an in-app purchase, as part of the optional Cinematographer Kit for a price of $14.99, which is a bargain, if you ask me.  More details can be found at

It’s an exciting time to be a mobile filmmaker!

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