Motion 5 Tutorial: Lesson 28 – Working With Effects Pt 2

Motion 5By Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

In our last lesson in our look at effects inside of Apple Motion 5, we took a look at where you can find all of the standard, as well as installed third party effects plugins. In this lesson, let’s take a look at applying effects and how you get in and manipulate their parameters.

Once you’ve chosen the effect you want to apply, simply take it, and drag and drop it onto the clip you want it to be applied to, in either the Layers window, or the Timeline. Once there, you can access the parameters for the effect in one of two ways.

The most common way, especially if you’re going to be keyframing your animation, is to navigate back to the Inspector, to the “Filters” tab, and once there, you’ll see all the parameters for all effects added to a specific clip.

The other way to access the parameters for the effect is to hit F7 on the keyboard, and access them through the HUD. What’s very important to keep in mind is that the HUD is perfect for getting in and setting a basepoint for your effect, but you can’t keyframe from there. Well, not in the traditional way We’ll get to how to animate from the HUD in an upcoming lesson, but when getting started, this is the easiest way to work, in the Inspector.  

The Inspector

In our next lesson, I want to talk about a very important concept, and that is stacking order, as it’s very important to your effects workflow, to make sure everything is set up and looking proper.

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