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My RODE Reel GenreBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Day two of the My RØDE Reel 2016 Contest Winner announcements is here, and with it comes those who took the top honors and their share of nearly a half million dollars in cash and prizes. The My RØDE Reel 2016 competition involved filmmakers submitting two films, one 3-minute short telling the story, and one behind-the-scenes video showing how they used a RØDE microphone or other product to film it. Now the results are in, so let’s take a look at who won in each genre.

“You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us retreat to our secret place in throbbing, sweating dread! Congratulations to the genre category award winners in 2016’s My RØDE Reel short film competition. We salute you!” – My RØDE Reel 2016 Genre Winner Announcement

The competition genres that filmmakers could choose to compete under included BEST DRAMA, BEST HORROR, BEST COMEDY, BEST DOCUMENTARY, BEST ACTION, BEST NON-ENGLISH, BEST SCI-FI, and BEST MUSIC VIDEO. In addition, RØDE gave awards for technical achievement (see yesterday’s announcement here), and later in the week they’ll awarding for Best Female Director, Best Youth Director, People’s Choice and the grand prize Judges award. Here are the winners in the genre categories:

BEST DRAMA – Slow Waves, by Tony Meyer and Grethe Hillersøy. This short film tells the story of how an empathetic therapist copes with all the problems and pain faced by his patients, and he does it through an unlikely ritual. Though the film was shot using a Sony FS7, and a Sony A7R Mk. II with an underwater housing. Behind the scenes video was shot on the Sony NX30. And although the filmmakers did not use a RØDE microphone, they did incorporate one of their supporting boom poles.

BEST HORROR Film went to BLONDIE (A Loira do Banheiro)  by Rodrigo Gasparini & Dante Vescio. This film is about bored kids serving detention at school, who summon a demon based on an old Brazilian urban legend.  Gear used on this shoot included the RØDE VideoMic with Rycote cradle.  You’ll also see the Atomos Shogun in the behind the scene video.

BEST COMEDY honors went to Walking Over to the Trash Can… In Front of Da Ladies! by Rascal Stray. This film tells the story about an overly confident guy desperate to impress some ladies, and what they see as a result. The film was shot on what looks like a Canon DSLR using a RØDE NTG3, a VideoMic Pro for on camera work, plus a RØDE Boom pole and deadcat. “The most difficult part of this was getting that long tracking slow motion shot to sync up with the audio” said Stray.

The BEST DOCUMENTARY honor went to Guitarist, by Alex Wohleber, a three minute look at the career of Misha Mansoor, of the rock band Periphery, and his passion for playing the guitar. The film was shot on the Canon 7D Mk. II with the audio solely using the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit. Wohleber was on a world toured with the band when he heard about the competition, and decided to focus his filmmaking from that point to deliver an award winning documentary for the competition. “The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit is awesome,” said Wohleber, “I use it for every interview I do.”

BEST ACTION went to Dognap, by JKK Films, about a special dog that is stolen and a special agent who goes to extreme lengths to get it back.  The film was shot on a Sony α7S using a RØDE NTG 1 and VideoMic Pro recording into a Zoom H4N.

BEST SCI-FI went to the film Virtual Delusion, by 1Bergmoney (aka Tristan Adamson). It was shot from a first person perspective, Google glasses style, and tells the story of a future where technology brings us into virtual realities that we can get easily lost in. Being based on classic architecture, it comes as no surprised that the film was shot by a small group of Architecture students who love making movies. It was shot using the Sony α7A, with a RØDE VideoMic Go and a Glidecam.

BEST MUSIC VIDEO went to Sound of Science, by Nice Shirt Media. It’s about a pair of mad scientists and the patient who wants desparately to escape them. This is another film shot on the Sony α7s (very popular with the filmmakers, it seems) and the RØDE NTG2 and SmartLav+, with Boompole and Blimp. The audio was fed into the a Zoom H6 digital recorder. Behind the scenes was shot on a Canon T5i and iPhone 5S.

Finally, BEST NON-ENGLISH film honors went to FUTUR’APP by Florent Sabatier. It about what people would do if they had a smartphone app that could predict the future. “We used four Rode’s microphones,” writes Sabatier, “two VideoMic Pro on each camera and two lavaliers on the actors.” The film is pretty good and I  think it’s the best of the bunch, frankly. Sabatier shot it in 4K thanks to the Sony α7s and the Blackmagic Video Assist. Making of was shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Tomorrow we’ll see the winners of the best behind the scenes video, Female Filmmaker, and Young Filmmaker categories, followed by People’s Choice and Judges awards next week Voting is still going on through Monday, July 4th. To cast your vote for the People’s Choice Winner, visit the My RØDE Reel 2016 website.

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