My RØDE Reel 2016 Major Award Winners

rodemajorBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With both Technical and Genre awards having been given out in the annual My RØDE Reel film clash, the attention is now turned to major awards, which include accolades for Best Young Filmmaker, Female Filmmaker, and Best Behind-the-Scenes presentation.

“New talents and Explainers-in-Chief, come on down! Check out the stellar category winners for Young Filmmaker, Female Filmmaker and Best Behind-The-Scenes.” – RØDE’s major awards announcement

best-young-filmmaker-winnerCelebrating the ideas that come out of the unbridled creativity of a young filmmaker, RØDE gave the Best Young Filmmaker Award to 17 year old Will Royal, for his documentary called Serenity, a film about how a teenage girl copes with the noise and hustle of the city by playing her flute. The film was shot on a Canon 70D and used the RØDE NTG3 microphone into a Tascam DR-70D external recorder and RØDE’s Micro Boompole. “Serenity uses invisible cuts to make each shot flow from one to another,” writes Royal. “Overall, there were 95 audio clips in the sound design.”

best-female-filmmaker-winnerThe winner of the Best Female Filmmaker award went to Larica Perera for her horror film Tik-Tik, about a village coping with the birth of a sinister creator known in Filipino folklore as the Aswang.  Perera shot her film in one continuous shot using a Sony α7S II on a DJI Ronin gimbal based stabilizer, with audio recorded through a RØDE VideoMic Pro.

best-behind-the-scenes-winnerBest Behind the Scenes video went to Normandie Productions, talking about their World War One drama DUE/AL. The one take 3 minutes short film tells the story of a blinded German soldier who has to fend off an attack from an unknown assailant. And because he’s blind, he has to solely rely on what he hears. “The driving force behind DUE/AL was the audio mix,” writes director Joseph Gast. “No matter how intense the visuals were, nothing would sell the intensity more than a soundtrack that pushes the anxiety levels higher.”

“I like the NT5s, it’s a unidirectional mic. And it’s nice to capture the stereo ambience in order to lock your location sound and add a little more presence. You get a really good spread of sound.” – Joseph Gast, director of DUE/AL

To accomplish the goal of making the film’s effects a character that drives the story, Gast and his crew used a RØDE NTG3 and NT5 Shotgun mics. Gast captures the chaos and carnage of World War I brilliantly, with the sound foley was professionally performed. Honestly, I’m surprised his video didn’t receive more than the accolades for his behind the scenes video presentation. Each sound moves the story along and if you were in the shoes of this blinded German soldier, you could still follow it.

Voting continues through the weekend for the People’s Choice Award, which will be announced on Monday, July 4th. So you still have the weekend to watch some of these brilliant shorts and have your voice heard on which should win (click here). Then, attention will shift to the grand prize Judges award on July 6th.

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