NAB 2016: ReLamp — Replace Your Halogens With LEDs

IMG_2827By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

You know when you’re getting old when your more excited by simple elegant solutions for film, rather than brand new gear. Double points if it solves a problem you didn’t even know you had.

Enter the Visionsmith ReLamp, which was on display at this year’s NAB Show 2016.

Simply put, the ReLamp is an LED light you can install into your old halogen fresnels, meaning you can use your existing gear, but with an LED light rather than a halogen. Changing to the LED is exactly the same as changing the halogen, so there’s no extra work you need to worry about.

Visionsmith developed CineWhite to deliver a continuous spectral distribution of color, which produces pure white on film and digital cameras, so the bulbs are high-quality 98 CRI to match Tungsten or Daylight. They are also flicker free and they work with the existing dimmers without color shift.

All of that is just to say that the LED lights will work exactly like the halogens, but that’s when we get into the good stuff. The best reason to switch to the ReLamp is, of course, you don’t have to get all new gear, and your old light casings will work with these lights.

You’ll also be pulling less electricity with a 150W LED light replacing a 1000W halogen bulb, meaning you’ll save on the operating cost when compared to running halogens. The LEDs will also last a lot longer than halogens, which means less time and money spent on replacement parts.

I’ve done my share of being on a small set with a ton of lighting rigged up, which is why LED lighting has always been something I’ve really loved. With these in place of your halogens you won’t need to worry about burns, and they’re not a fire hazard — plus they don’t explode like the halogens tend to do.

Another heat related issue that people tend to not think about is that with UHD and 4K video becoming more ubiquitous, it’s harder and harder to hide the sweat on actors’ faces, meaning there needs to be a way to run cooler lights.

The Visionsmith ReLamp LED bulbs are available to fit 300w, 650w, 1K, and 2K fixtures (website). Here are the technical specifications:

Directly Replaces EGT 1000W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Mounting Base G22 – Medium Bi-Post Base
Power 150W / 1.2A
Accepts 95-150V (240V version coming in September)
Dimming Full range dimming on your existing AC dimmers.
Color Quality Daylight Version: 95 CRI / 96 CQS / 96 TLCI
Tungsten Version: 98 CRI / 97 CQS / 98 TLCI
Weight 1lb
Fuse 3A
Flicker Free Always
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