NAB 2017: Day One, Pt. 2 – BoxCast, Digital Anarchy, and JauntVR


By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Part II of our NAB Day One wrap-up saw me wandering around all three halls, looking for some really cool technology. I saw several Virtual Reality experiences, designed with a theme park vibe. But there was also some cool streaming technology from BoxCast and a pretty cool plugin for Adobe Premiere that will do a transcript of your video. And even though it’s in Beta, it’s scary accurate according to the creators.


The first thing I want to talk about is actually the last thing I saw, and that is the latest version of the JauntVR One spherical 360° camera. You may recall that Jaunt first launched as a partnership with GoPro and created a 16 camera rig for around $15,000. Well this is the next generation of that, and JauntVR has designed their own camera array that goes even further, with a 24 camera design that is capable of imaging 8K video (4K for each eye) at up to 120 fps.


Going back to the beginning of my day, I swung by a small company with a big attitude for online streaming video. BoxCast is doing for Content Creators what YouTube Live isn’t, by driving audiences to the content websites, and not just the live video portals which can take the majority of the ad revenue and take advantage of the traffic coming their way, not the creators’.

And they’re doing it affordably. Why? Because BoxCast wants anyone to be able to afford to stream in 4K. ANYONE. A church, a band, a sports league.

The latest BoxCast streaming device, if you look at the top of this article, is about the size of two or three iPhones stacked on each other. The devices sports a 4.3 inch LCD screen (which will touchscreen once the product comes out of Beta), and it can take feeds from up to four cameras up to 4K resolution. Being platform agnostic, the Boxcast can take signals from Cinema Cameras, Mobile Phones, Tablets, web cams, whatever has a lens and a connection, you can use with the device.

The device also has two XLR Audio inputs that will also take 1/4-inch plugs. VP of Marketing Sam Brenner says it’s best with the mic on the left and the guitar on the right, meaning that Boxcast would work great for a rock band looking to stream concerts to their fans. And you can handle the entire stream from a mobile phone, a laptop, or a tablet with complete analytics, automatic video scheduling and broadcast, the works.

It handles all the video rendering and processing in the Cloud and then provides an embed code to give out on your social media feeds, your website, etc. The reason they want to have you stream directly to your website, is because they believe that the content creator deserves the traffic of their own audience. They can also avoid automatic content filtering schemes that will bounce a stream due to copyright or even topics that aren’t advertiser friendly.

Cost of BoxCast is under $1,000 and there’s a monthly fee of $199, which covers all the streaming cloud traffic, archiving, rendering, analytics, and support. There’s also a smaller HD version which will provide streaming in HD for $45 a month, and social streaming through Facebook or YouTube, or their app for $20 a month. So Boxcast grows with you. It’s a sweet device and a company has a clear vision for where they can help content creators to go.

Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy
Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy

On the software side in my NAB Day One journey, Digital Anarchy has Transcriptive. This is a plugin for Adobe Premiere CC that will enable video and audio files be imported and then you can create a transcript of the video or audio within minutes and with an accuracy rate of up to 95%.

Currently in Beta, Transcriptive harnesses the power of two different cloud based voice transcription services: IBM Watson, which offers 1000 minutes a month at no charge, and Speechmatics which will run you .07 a minute, but is ideal for transcribing interviews and videos in loud ambient conditions.

When it hits the market later this Fall, Transcriptive will run $249, but if you’re at NAB and want to preorder, you can save $50. For more information about how to get into the Beta, visit the Digital Anarchy website.

Day Two of NAB comes early in the morning and I’m going to be hitting on Adobe, Teradek, Atomos, Manfrotto and who knows what else as I walk through the 900,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Day one foot mileage … 7 miles. More tomorrow.

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