NAB 2017: Day Two – Drones, Adobe, Switcher, and Musicbed

PowerEgg Drone

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Well during Dat 2 of NAB 2017, I saw a few drones I liked, Adobe’s booth was standing room only  showing off new features, Switcher Studio goes remote, there’s an indie film and music fest coming from Musicbed, and I think we’ve been invaded by aliens.

Dobby Pocket DroneZeroTech Dobby pocket drone with collapsible rotors, 4k camera, tracking, motion control, EIS, and multi drone formation flying. And it’s deadly silent. It could fly right up behind you and you’re never see it coming.

With the motion tracking, and multiple formation capability, can you imagine a film shot solely with drones and multi camera support? And at $300, what’s not to love? Drone filmmakers, experiment away.

Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio now has integrated support with DJI’s Osmo Mobile for remote camera operation within the switcher app. Control up to four cameras with ability to adjust pan, tilt, zoom, focus control, adjust depth of field, you can even use the iPhone’s LED as a Tally Light!  I love that feature.


Switcher has also added a gray card feature for white balancing, and Switcher’s CEO Nick Mattingly tells me that while Switcher isn’t on the Android platform, they may eventually add Android camera support.

Adobe is standing room only as they show the latest new features from Creative Cloud. These include giving users some effects capabilities within Premiere Pro such as animated titles. Character Animator gets an upgrade and now works with Facebook live.

In addition, they’ve given Premiere Pro access to Audition’s Essential Sound Panel, a new audio mixing function that takes inspiration from the popularity of the Lumetri Color Panel. Video clip footage is available through a partnership with Pond5 through Adobe Stock, and users can now sell their own stock footage with a simple upload, with approval in a few hours.

Premiere Pro

The Essential Graphics Panel from After Effects, will enable editors to create some template based motion titles and motion graphics. The Type Tool brings more advanced titling to Premiere with the ability to animate text through font, size, color, and blending mode. Motion Graphic templates can also save your designs for use, project to project, and Shape Layers and Clips layers for adding images, video, and graphics are also supported.

Adobe has also added a cool new Camera Shake Deblur function, which seeks to improve the image as Premiere Pro smoothes out camera shake of a video clip. All too often, the side effect of using Warp Stabilizer is the image can get artifacty, but the Deblur’s algorithms analyze frames on either side of the blurry frame and interpolates the data from the sharper content to replace the bad image. The result isn’t perfect, yet, but it provides for a much sharper image after running Warp Stabilizer.


Kingston is also showing off the DCI1000, pocket sized square like device that can can drive over 600 different video streams simultaneously. They had this nifty set of size 55-inch HD TVs, each with over 200 streams showing at the same time, and it was all being pushed by the DCI1000 at up to 3.65GB per sec. WOW.

And Musicbed is holding their first indie film music conference and music festival, sept 29-30, in Fort Worth w speakers and seminars about music licensing, recording and concerts every night. Tickets go on sale May 1st

But by far the strangest thing I saw on the floor today was the PowerEgg drone. Shaped like an egg, the rotors and landing gear collapse into the egg and it has a built in 4k camera with 3 axis Gimbal and 360-degree panoramas. I swear this thing looks like it came from outer space.

Day three brings Sigma, GoPro, SmallHD, Virtual Reality, and a host of other great stuff. With over 1700 exhibitors on the floor, there’s enough to see for the next month!

Day two pedometer … 6.5 miles. 13 total.

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