NAB 2017: FilmConvert Shows Off Upcoming Cinematch App

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By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

There are typically three types of announcements at NAB every year: Brand new products, updates to existing products, and unveiling prototypes. FilmConvert’s Cinematch falls under that third category.

We’ve covered FilmConvert quite a bit, as they continually add new camera profiles to their software. The basic gist of the program is that they’ve mimicked many popular film stocks to be used with a bunch of different cameras. The idea is that you can make your footage from different video cameras look like they came from the same film camera.

There is a problem, though, and that’s where Cinematch comes in. Color matching between two (or more) different cameras is one of the biggest pains. FilmConvert is looking to change all that with the new app they’re developing. No Film School had a chance to sit down with the company to get a sneak peek at what they’re working on.

In the footage FilmConvert tested, they matched footage from a GH5, a Fuji X-T2, a Sony A7s, and an iPhone in around six seconds. You can check that and No Film School’s interview here:

That sample just blows my mind! Obviously it isn’t ready yet, and won’t be available to the market until November, but the ability to match something that closely that quickly is incredibly exciting.

I love the look of film, but prefer the ease of shooting video, so apps like FilmConvert are targeted at those like me. While shooting on video has been generally faster than film, the post-production process has always been a slow one. By using Cinematch to get different cameras to look alike, and then applying FilmConvert’s film stock emulator, you can quickly take video and make it look like whatever you want.

Even if the program doesn’t do an exact match, you can always just tweak the colors. I do hope that FilmConvert doesn’t decide to go with a one button only solution. It would be great to have a single click to get two images looking alike, but I do like retaining some amount of control, just in case it’s needed.

FilmConvert’s Cinematch is scheduled to be released in November. Check out their site here.

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