NAB 2018: Lights and Stabilizers and Tripods, Oh My!

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

The best part of NAB Show is all of the fun toys! We’ve been covering all the fun stuff like new offerings from Blackmagic, cool audio devices and software, and awesome camera stabilizers like the Cinema Devices AntiGravity Cam. Here’s some other fun equipment from the convention that really caught our eye!

Sachtler Flowtech Tripod

I know, I know, tripods aren’t exactly the sexiest pieces of filmmaking equipment. But when a lot of thought is put into them you can’t help but be super impressed. The Sachtler Flowtech 75 is brilliantly thought out and has some really amazing features. The release mechanism for the legs is located at the top of the tripod making deployment incredibly quick from a standing position. The tripod is made from carbon fiber meaning it’s super light and when folded up the feet are held together with magnets rather than a locking mechanism which makes setting it up even faster. The tripod also uses a hinge-lock mechanism so that they can spread them out get extremely low angles. The Flowtech 75 will run you about $1,200 and you can check out the video for more:

  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Payload: 0-44 lbs
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Height range: 10.2 – 60.2 in
  • Head fitting: 75 mm
  • Transport length: 26.7 in

Blind Spot Tile Light

Anyone who has worked in indie film loves small devices. Large bulky devices demand more crew, more setup time, and cargo room which a run-and-gun filmmaker doesn’t have the budget or room for. Blind Spot’s Tile light is one of those tiny devices that is not only easy to carry around, it also allows you to light up some impossible spaces. The light is about the size of a mobile phone but packs 1700 lumens with a 5600K color temperature. The light secures regular gels with an electrostatic surface so no accessory is required and sports a wide 120-degree beam angle. It comes with a built in 5-step dimming switch, an external dimmer accessory which is flicker-free from 0-100%, two 1/4″-20 mounting points, and runs on Sony NPF series batteries. The Blind Spot Tile retails for $325 and you can check out a video below:

  • 1700 Lumens (Max) 1700 Lm
  • Beam Angle 120 (half Peak angle)
  • Colour Temperature (CCT) 5600k
  • 5 step dimming (button) or external remote dimmer accessory (included)
  • Gel Attachment Electro static / micro vacuum. No accessory required.
  • Two mounting 1/4″-20 tpi
  • Max Power 22w
  • Weight 0.65lbs
  • Dimensions 6.5″ x 3″ x 0.75″

Redrock Micro DigiBoom

This thing is going to be known as camera on a super stick, mark my words. Redrock Micro has come out with an amazing new product which combines a boom stick, gimbal, and steadicam into a single device. The whole thing allows one operator to create sweeping, stabilized cinematic images via a gimbal and is controlled completely from where the hands are placed making it very convenient to use. You get a very good range of movement from ground level to 8′ high with the regular package or 12′ with the with the optional extension. The DigiBoom supports cameras up to 6.5lbs while the other end of the pole has an integrated audio system with 2 XLR in and 2 XLR out combo jacks and is powered by 2 Sony NP series batteries. There’s no final price for the Redrock Micro DigiBoom but it is available for pre-order for a $500 deposit.

  • 3-axis full-time electronic camera stabilizer
  • Camera weight up to 6.5lbs (camera and lens)
  • Carbon Fiber material
  • Integrated internal cables
  • 0′ – 8′ or 12′ with optional extension

While most of these devices are definitely designed for the run-and-gun filmmaker, they really introduce a lot of possibilities for the indie auteur. From setup to teardown, these three devices seem to be able to help shoot a complex scene far quicker than ever before.


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