Nikon Gets Internal Log Support Thanks to EOSHD

Nikon’s Z7 and Z6 full frame mirrorless cameras are getting some really good reviews for image and video quality. But while it has some really great options for shooting 4K video, one thing both cameras are lacking is internal LOG image capture. Sure, you can shoot N-Log, but only through an external recorder. But thanks to the open nature of both LOG and Nikon’s picture profile architecture, users can now shoot Log internally. And it looks pretty good.

Z-LOG maintains more shadow information and creamier blacks than the Nikon Flat profile, as well as enabling compatibility with a wider range of LUTs designed for other popular LOG formats such as Canon C-LOG, Sony S-LOG, Panasonic V-LOG and Fujifilm F-LOG. – EOSHD

Image credit – EOSHD

The picture profile is called Z-Log and it was created by our friends over at EOSHD. The picture profile adds Log recording internally, not only to the Nikon Z7 and Z6 full frame mirrorless cameras, but also a host of other Nikon DSLRs as well. Users can load Z-Log into the following DSLRS:

  • Nikon D850 / D810 / D750

  • Nikon D500 and D7500

  • Nikon D5 / D4 / D4S

  • Nikon D5300/5500/5600

  • Nikon D7200, D7100

And EOSHD says the Z-Log profile isn’t a “hack” like what you would get from Magic Lantern.  Users can upload custom picture styles to their Nikon camera via XQD memory card, and save them as a custom picture profile setting on your Nikon camera.  Once loaded to the camera it is selectable from the same menu as all the other Nikon picture profiles.

Z-Log offers three options as well. Z-Log Cinema, which mimics the tones of an ARRI ALEXA or Blackmagic Cinema Camera, plus also gives a flat LOG profile like that of Canon LOG. Then there’s Z-Log Cinema Sharpness Off, which turns off the Nikon sharpening algorithm, and then Z-Log L, which focuses on shadow details and wider dynamic range.

Sadly, it’s not a free download, but you can get it for a pretty fair price of $37.99 from the EOSHD website, and includes EOSHD’s Instant Cinematic LUT package for post production color grading on the fly.  There’s also a host of sample clips so you can see it in a variety of conditions. If you’re a Nikon shooter, you better go get it, before Nikon lawyers descend with a cease and desist!

And while we’re talking about the Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras, the reviews are pretty impressive and one is Fro Knows Photo (Jared Polin) and his video below, where Fro states that Canon and Sony may want to be looking over their shoulders, because the image quality of the Z6 full frame image sensor is impressive.

Granted, Fro is using the video above as an excuse to show what his own custom Lightroom Preset Pack can do, but there’s no denying the impressive look of the Z6 Raw image capability. Yeah, those are stills, but now that Nikon users have a solid Z-Log option for shooting 4K and 1080p video, all that Raw power can now be made to bear without lugging around an external recorder.

And that’s more than worth the $39 price tag.

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