Nikon Sweetens the Pot with Adapter for Z Series Camera (UPDATE)

UPDATED: Nikon has moved to sweeten the pot even further to get mirrorless fans to give the Z6 or Z7 full frame mirrorless camera a go.  Users who buy the camera will now receive the FTZ lens adapter bundled with their purchase (a $250 value).  With this adapter, Nikon users will not be able to use over 350 different F mount Nikkor lenses on their Z6 or Z7, with no loss in image quality. There are also over 90 other Nikkor lenses that can be mounted as well. The move comes fast on the heels of news that Nikon would be adding both 12 bit RAW and CFExpress support for the camera line.


Less than four months after announcing the new Z7 and Z6 full frame mirrorless cameras, Nikon is already trying to lure users into the mirrorless platform by offering up to a $400 bonus if they trade-in their working old cameras. And that’s on top of the current value.  Is Nikon getting worried or is this just a savvy PR move to grab market share as they work towards a professional model?

Today, Nikon Inc. announced a new trade-in program that makes it easier than ever to upgrade to the revolutionary new Nikon Z Series full-frame mirrorless camera system. – Nikon Announcement

Here are the details of the Trade Up to Z Camera Trade-in Program: consumers can trade in a working interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) and Nikon doesn’t seem to care if it’s a Nikon, Canon or any other model, so long as it’s working.

When you do trade-in your old rig, Nikon will evaluate the condition of your working camera and give it a fair trade-in value. Then, on top of that, they will add a bonus of either $200, if you’re purchasing a Nikon Z6, or $400 if you’re going for the higher end Nikon Z7.

Moreover, Nikon is also offering an additional $100 in savings when you buy the FTZ lens mount adapter with your Z series camera.

But if you have friends in Europe, you may want to hit them up, as Nikon’s Z Cashback Program is offering up to €500 cash back when you purchase a Z series mirrorless camera. The CashBack program looks to be available in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

When you do the currency conversion, that’s could equate to an additional $172 US thanks to the current exchange rate, plus you get to keep your old camera. You can then list it on eBay or Craigslist or any of your favorite gear selling sites, and make even more savings.

Consequently, in Europe you have to deal with VAT, or value added taxes, and then there’s the shipping and handling to get it to you, plus whatever the exchange rate is, when Nikon processes your purchase. So, by the time you get your camera, you likely won’t be saving as much as you think. Then there’s warranty issues, if it breaks, you’re shipping it back to Europe, rather than just going to a licensed Nikon dealer for a warranty repair. So I’ll leave it up to you to determine if it’s worth the extra headache to get a few extra bucks out of Nikon.

On the other hand, if you live in the UK, more power to you! Both programs are running from now, until March 31, 2019.

Hat Tip – Nikon Rumors

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